Saturday, August 1, 2009

Disneyland's Great California Adventure

Location: Anaheim, California

A combination of the magic of Disney with the best that California has to offer and the result is Disneyland California Adventure, a theme park that celebrates the Golden State in style. The park is owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company.

Once you enter the gates of Disney California Adventure, you are transported to the land of promise, opportunity and glamour. Disneyland California Adventure Park is a journey from the California of yesterday to today. Disneyland California Adventure is a tribute to this land of dreams. Its larger than life images and icons seem to be plucked from a Hollywood blockbuster. From Grizzly Peak (an icon at Disney's California Adventure Park) to a white knuckled roller coaster, the sights and sounds are inspired by the rich history of this majestic state. Guests of Disney California Adventure can ‘soar’ high above the pacific coastline, bobbing along white water rapids, tumbling down an elevator shaft or simply savor a glass of wine from the Napa Valley. Whether you prefer "action, comedy or romance," Disney California Adventure has something for everyone.

I was able to watch "ALADDIN " .

and the " ELECTRICAL PARADE " . At exactly 8:45pm the fireworks display started. They were visibly seen from all points of the theme park.