Monday, January 19, 2009

Viewing Taal Lake on a different angle

Location: Taal Lake Yatch Club, Talisay

One lazy afternoon my son Iggy together with his girlfriend, Cris and I went driving to Talisay to see whether we could go on a boatride across the Taal lake to have a better view of Taal Volcano. But the traffic on the SLEX ( south luzon expressway ) was bad for some roadworks we ended up arriving past 4pm. Nevertheless we proceeded to our destination, the Taal Lake Yatch Club. This is owned and operated by Joe Hagedorn. He has inns that look like country homes for people who would like to stay over. The place offers Kayaking, jet-skiing, and sailing. Needless to say that Iggy, Cris and I enjoyed that short stay at the Taal Lake Club... and I am going to make sure if i want to take that boatride across the lake ... i have to be there early in the day !!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rediscovering Old Manila thru the eyes of an amateur photographer

Quiapo... we parked on C PALANCA ... ( i think thats Carriedo or Echague )... and started to walk.... ... going thru R. HIDALGO ( had to stop here to look for a tripod for me).... slowly..inching our way thru the thick saturday morning crowd towards the Quiapo church...we passed lines of vendors selling almost everything... from DVDs, sunglasses, fruits, dried fish and vegetables. As we got to the Quiapo plaza.. I entered the church to take some shots but a guard came and said.. 'MAM, no pikchurs sa loob!" ... When I left the church I saw Iggy sitting on a stool... with .. a MANGHUHULA.... and... HE TELLS me... he doesnt believe in them.... We were not able to go to the Sta Cruz church... or drive thru ESCOLTA where the old theaters (Lyric and Capitol) stood... neither were we able to go to the BINONDO area... to take shots of the Binondo church... probably that will be on another adventure in this side of town..

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Taal Lake on a different angle

location: at the Taal Lake Yatch Club, Talisay

One lazy day I together with my son Iggy and his girlfriend Cris decided to go on a little trip down to Taal lake.. hoping that we could take a boat ride across the lake to where the volcano was. But since we were caught in traffic on the SLEX ( south luzon expressway ) we were a bit late for the boat ride.. so we ended up having merienda in Taal Lake Yatch Club. The inns looked more like country homes than inns, and the whole neighborhood had a community feel to it. This place is owned by Joe Hagedorn. It offers Kayaking and sailing . Needless to say, I loved the place. And I know for a fact that Iggy and Chris loved the place too.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Eve Dinner at Discovery Suites Tagaytay

Iggy and I decided to spend the new year's eve in Tagaytay....We stayed at T HOUSE which was really nice and cozy.... and we opted to celebrate our dinner at Discovery Suites.... and it was the BEST thing that happened to us..... the menu was JUST perfect.... not too pricey but it had ... two of my favorite dishes... which were the chilean sea bass.... and the angus beef.....

so... how did you spend your new year's eve???