Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Foodie goes to the Ultimate Taste Test

Have you ever gone to any of the food tasting tests of Anton Diaz's ( the man behind Our Awesome Planet )?? Or another way to put it is.... Have you been to an Ultimate Taste Test ??

Yesterday was the first time I went to one of Anton Diaz's Ultimate Taste Test. This year's event had 50 " suppliers " or concessionaires who prepare bite-sized samples of their specialties and hand them out to the participants of the event for food tasting. These suppliers may choose to serve food from any food category... which are appetizers, main courses and desserts. There were also beverages that I have tasted for the first time too. The participants will serve as food critics for the event --- they are given a rating sheet and a map as they enter and go from one booth to another to evaluate the food that they have tasted. The food ratings go from 1 being the lowest score to 5 the highest.