Saturday, March 28, 2009

Have you tried EVERYBODY'S Cafe in Pampanga????

We arrived in Pampanga at 8:30am and our first stop was EVERYBODY'S CAFE in San Fernando. We were greeted by one of the owners of the place, Miling Manalastas, and as a welcome treat she served us hot chocolate which was prepared the old fashion way... stirred with a batirol.....her chocolate was unlike the chocolate we have in manila... it was a mixture of cocoa and pounded peanuts... different flavor indeed!!! it was paired of with their suman ( sticky rice slightly sweetened ) and Tamales. Tamales, is one of the many delicacies in pampanga. Unlike our foreign counterparts ( the spanish and the mexican tamales), our tamales is made of steamed ground brown and white rice , coconut milk, ground peanuts, slivers of chicken and topped with a slice of salted duck egg then wrapped in steamed banana leaves. This dish can be eaten any time of the day... I'd rather have my tamales for breakfast.. Other dishes served was the Rebuelto ( otherwise known as the pampanga torta ), Langonisa ( which was sweet not garlicky taste of other provinces ), Pindang Damulag ( that is Tapang Carabeef or Carabao meat ), Batuteng Tugak ( deep fried stuffed frogs ) which tasted like chicken, Camaru ( crispy crickets ) and Morcon.

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