Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shao Long Bao... dumplings to die for!!!

Another dish to try in Taipei is SHAO LONG BAO..On our way downtown on a warm , humid morning, Philip took Oskie and me to his favorite dim sum place in Tien Mou called YIP Restaurant. It is a small unassuming 50 sq. meter restaurant. It had no frills, furniture was simple , the tables were adorned with plastic flowers, faded vynil-tiled flooring and a soft drink cooler stood on one side of the wall. There were 3 very efficient waitresses getting orders. " PAY as you leave type of thing " with the owners wife manning the cashier. All the tables were filled with locals, office employees and some expats. As I looked around to see what the other tables were ordering ... they all had one common dish .. it was the SHAO LONG BAO dim sum....

The Shao Long Bao dim sum is traditionally steamed in small bamboo baskets. These dim sums are filled with pork, but variations include other meats, seafood and vegetarian fillings. The characteristic soup inside the dim sum is created by wrapping solid meat gelatin inside the skin together with the meat filling. Heat from steaming melts the gelatin into soup. These dim sums are served hot in bamboo baskets in which they are steamed. They can be dipped in vinegar with ginger slivers..

I found out from Philip, that the chef and owner of this little snack place was a former chef of DIN TAI FUNG ( a restaurant famous for SHAO LONG BAO ), and the price is much cheaper of course!

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  1. I like your food features and places. Yogi