Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Foodie goes to the Ultimate Taste Test

Have you ever gone to any of the food tasting tests of Anton Diaz's ( the man behind Our Awesome Planet )?? Or another way to put it is.... Have you been to an Ultimate Taste Test ??

Yesterday was the first time I went to one of Anton Diaz's Ultimate Taste Test. This year's event had 50 " suppliers " or concessionaires who prepare bite-sized samples of their specialties and hand them out to the participants of the event for food tasting. These suppliers may choose to serve food from any food category... which are appetizers, main courses and desserts. There were also beverages that I have tasted for the first time too. The participants will serve as food critics for the event --- they are given a rating sheet and a map as they enter and go from one booth to another to evaluate the food that they have tasted. The food ratings go from 1 being the lowest score to 5 the highest.

My son, Iggy, called to ask if I wanted to go with him on a photo shoot at the Fort. When I found out it was the much talked about food tasting event of Our Awesome Planet. Being a " foodie ", I quickly jumped at the opportunity to sample fare from emerging culinary masters in the Philippines. I found out from Iggy that The Ultimate Taste Test invites new chefs, bakers, cooks and food enthusiasts to cook or taste their concoctions and recipes that are not available to the public yet. This event serves as the perfect ground for the food suppliers and food manufacturers to present their latest food creations to the Filipino society.

After all the samplings I made ----I came out with my version of ... MY FAVORITE FIND at the Ultimate Taste Test. I would like to share it with you, I also got the contact person and their phone numbers in case you would like to order.

** PEPITA'S LECHON ** A big hit at the Ultimate Taste Test.

They serve small size lechons with a choice of 5 different kinds of rice stuffings inside. When you order the lechon ( the cost is 6,500 pesos ) you will choose which rice stuffing ( chestnut or castanas, sisig, bagoong, )  you would like inside....  The stuffing that was served last night was SISIG RICE. I found it very good and just watching the line of participants waiting for their sample was the only proof that Pepita's Lechon scored a 5 !!! Good job Dedet!!

Here are the rice stuffings which you can order together with your lechon:

* Filipino rice stuffing  - you have 3 choices. These are Sisig rice, Binagoonan Rice or Tanglad rice.
* Chinese rice stuffing - rice with castanas or chestnuts with cashew ( it will taste like MA CHANG ).
* French rice stuffing - stuffed with plenty garlic bulbs, small potatoes and a lot of herbs.
* Macau rice stuffing - rice with Macau sausage.
* Italian rice stuffing - Porcetta stuffed ( this rice stuffing will be ready in December ).
* British rice stuffing - rice stuffed with apples and cinnamon.
* Hawaiian rice stuffing - rice stuffed with pineapple slices and mangoes.

They use native lechon de leche and it will serve at least 15 people.

Contact Person: Dedet de la Fuente
Tel. nos. ( 0917 ) 866 0662
               425 4605


If you love smoked fish ( or tinapa ) -- you will love the different kinds of " BOTTLED TINAPA ". I liked their all-time favorite Smoke Fish in Olive Oil ( 190 pesos/ bottle  ) and even tried their new concoction which is Smoke Fish in Olive Oil with Salted Egg ( 200 pesos/bottle ). According to Jennie Ferrer, supplier, they use ORGANIC SALTED EGG.... You should try this out!!! You won't regret it!!
Contact Person: Jessica Ferrer
Tel. nos. ( 0922 ) 892 9109
               ( 0917 ) 743 5315


Can you imagine having Green Tea on your pastries???  Everything in their booth had green tea in it... and according to the supplier, Malu Aranda, Green Tea is their main ingredient in all their pastries. Enjoy eating your favorite pastries while getting the healthy benefits.  They had Green Tea Espasols ( 60 pesos/doz.), Green Tea Cupcake ( 60 pesos/ doz.) and Green Tea Chocolate Bar ( 10 pesos / pc.). Another new concoction in the market... You should try it!!

Contact Person: Malu Ferrer
Tel. nos. ( 0918 ) 395 6091


Good tasting BBQ pork. Their BBQ pork ( 650 pesos/kilo ). One of the best BBQ pork or asado I have tasted so far!!

Contact Person: Mary Chan
Tel. nos. ( 0917 ) 208 1889
               ( 0949 ) 316 7739

** MAMA P'S **

Homemade Bagnet ( 480 pesos/kilo ) and Batac Longanisa ( 320/kilo ). Once you tried their bagnet and own version of the Batac Langonisa you will agree with me that ---- we do not need to drive all the way to the North just to get these!! They are to die for!!!

Contact Person: Niko Dinglasan
Tel. nos. ( 0917 ) 962 4302


They come in boxes of 6 ( 200 pesos ) and 12 ( 350 pesos )... I love their pistachio, coffee and salted caramel flavors. Watch out BIZU--- French Macaroons by Christa will give you a tough competition!!!

** DA U DE ** ( pronounced da-you-deh )

The ultimate tea for Tea Lovers.... They are signature tea blends which will give a different twist in your tea drinking. According to Renee Sebastian, the supplier of Da U De, her teas are of the highest quality, handpicked and organic. She blends them herself in the States and brings them back to the Philippines. The teas that I tried were : SEFFARINE - which is a blend of peppermint and lemon verbena, Dallah - a blend of Earl Gray , lavander and vanilla, and GOJI MELON - which is a blend of melon and goji berries. This last tea I tried was served cold. It was very refreshing!!!

Contact Person: Renee Sebastian
Tel. nos. 854 4187


For those who haven't heard of Coffee Alamid. It is also known as the Philippine Civet Coffee. It comes from the droppings of the wild civet. The Philippine civet belongs to the mongoose family which is a nocturnal animal which uses its nose to choose the ripest and sweetest coffee cherries and eats them during the coffee season. Their droppings are gathered very early in the morning usuallly before sunrise. The forest dwellers climb the mountain to pick up the droppings from the forest floor. On a good day, a gatherer can collect one kilo of civet droppings. Coffee Alamid when roasted exudes a fruity aroma. It has a strong, sweet, dark chocolatey taste. You must try it!!!

Although they were not serving coffee alamid, I was able to sample their brewed coffee. I found out that they sell the famous Coffee Alamid in two sizes.. 50 and 100 grams.

Contact person: Jie Reyes
Tel. nos. 801 2682
               836 0216


I just love their sausages!!!! Try out their best seller sausage " GARLIC SAUSAGE " ( 380 pesos/kilo ). Other sausages I tried at their booth which I really enjoyed were: HUNGARIAN sausage ( 380 pesos/kilo ) and SCHUBLIG (  380 pesos/kilo ) they have 2 kinds -- plain and one with cheese. Both of these sausages were very tasty. You should try it out! It goes well with iced cold beer!!!

Contact person: Jing Regalado
Tel. nos. 637 8959
cellphone nos. ( 0919 ) 504 8642
                        ( 0932 ) 946 2488


For their tasty GINATAANG KUHOL ( Escargot ). It was cooked in freshly squeezed coconut milk and secret spices. It is highly recommended as appetizer, pulutan or served as a main dish. Try it !!!

Contact nos. ( 0917 ) 885 0508
                     ( 0917 800 1088

CONGRATS to ANTON DIAZ of OUR AWESOME PLANET for a very successful event!


  1. Thank you Asunta for the mention. We really enjoyed the UTT event and would do it again in the future. Btw,'s contact is 8544187 (the last number was missing from the post). Thanks again and great to meet you! - Renee

  2. Thank you so much Asunta for loving our "Anak Ng Tinapa Sa Sarap!"... this is our first time to join such a BIG EVENT and we are very glad to have met you. Mam... kindly correct my name to Jessica Ferrer. We are at Mercato Centrale every Sat & Sun from 6am - 12 noon and Connecticut Sunday Market from 5am - 12 noon. We hope to see you again Asunta!