Monday, March 21, 2011

Fine dining with my family at the Tivoli

First of all, TIVOLI  at the Mandarin Oriental Manila is and has been one of my favorite places to go in Manila for fine dining.....ever since the hotel opened way back then, I would frequent Tivoli or Prince Albert ( at the Intercontinental Hotel ) for intimate dinners or celebrating an occasion with my family. I loved the elegant interiors complete with shining mirrors,  trellises and moulded ceiling which adds an extra vibrancy and warmth to the place.

Last friday, Tom, my eldest son called me, Iggy and Cris and asked us to join him and his wife, Maite for dinner. He said it was HIS TREAT and he wanted to have a " FINE DINING " dinner..  Iggy suggested we have dinner at TIVOLI. It had been ages since we had dinner there. I immediately agreed to the suggestion and Maite, my daughter-in-law made reservations. Our dinner was set for saturday night at 8:00pm. 

On my way to the dinner, I was thinking of what I was going to have.... Would it be prime rib?? foie gras?? sea bass??? I decided that I would just wait and see what Tivoli had to offer. As I entered Tivoli, Tom and Maite were already there and he had ordered wine for everyone. While deliberating on what to order they served us CHICKEN ROULADE a complimentary appetizer.

Here was what we ordered.

Cris had Caesar Salad....

and RACK of LAMB

Tom and Maite had Foie Gras on Polenta as starters.

Lobster Bisque

Tom ordered his favorite TARTAR STEAK for his main course. Tivoli has the best tartar steak!!! Every time we would eat at Tivoli .... Tom has this dish all the time. It was prepared it in front of our table.

Judging from this photo..... I think Tom enjoyed his piece de resistance....

Iggy and I decided to try their degustacion menu ( which had 6 courses... I thought it was just too much for me so I shared it with him ).

Duck Foie Gras

Saffron Mussel Soup

Pan Fried Sea Bass Paella with Lobster Espume. Maite had this dish for her main course.

Champagne sorbet

Roasted Lamb Chop with Honey Crusted Breadcrumbs on a bed of braised artichokes

Lemon Tart with Raspberry sherbet

Every dish we had was very good!! from the foie gras on polenta to our main courses. Some of their entrees were small in quantity yet very fulfilling. Their plates were meticulously garnished. Our seafood was done well. I liked how they prepared the sea bass..... it simply melted in my mouth!

Thank you Tom for taking us to dinner at TIVOLI !!! It was indeed a lovely dinner. Tivoli is still one of the best restaurants in Makati when it comes to FINE DINING!!!

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