Friday, July 22, 2011

The COSMOPOLITAN a must see in Las Vegas

I heard so much about the COSMOPOLITAN--- which opened its doors to the public only this year... --It is the newest and most modern casino/resort hotel on the strip in Las Vegas. People who have gone to the COSMOPOLITAN are talking about the huge pink chandeliers ( which is definitely a must see )  when you visit the place. I made plans with Ernie and Lulu to go to the much talked about COSMOPOLITAN and have our little tour around this new establishment when we went to Las Vegas.

Before even entering the resort, we were blown away with the parking garage. Yes, I said parking garage! Each floor had there own murals done by professional artists. These are perfect for paparazzi shots with friends. Aside from that, which I find unique is the censored parking lights. Each stall has its own censor above showing either a red or green light. Red meaning: occupied, taken or unavailable. Green meaning: open, open... hurry its open! Pure brilliance. It was very convenient not having to drive repeatedly in every row stalking people for their parking spots. Just look for a green light and thats it.

The Cosmopolitan is amazing from the outside and the inside. Outside it looks like a small thin building and as we entered the parking structure huge silver letters spelling out COSMOPITAN greeted us... I immediately knew I would like this place. There were a million LED lights that lit up the basement parking.... it was simply amazing!!..

The moment I stepped out of the elevators ---- my camera did not stop clicking....  let my pictures do the talking....

The main lobby was AMAZING!! At the registration area, there were " video pillars " that showed video art changing from water bubbles to patterns. From the glamorous decor, to the attractive front desk girls, the Ocean's 11-esque music, etc. It all makes you feel like a million bucks as you walk through. Just about everyone were taking pictures. I can't blame them. It was indeed a work of art.. The interior design inside was something to rave about.

The next few photos I took below was the much talked about--- the 3 story pink chandeliers at the main lobby... you have to take the escalator all the way down and vice versa to appreciate the chandeliers...  There are over 3 million crystals hang from this breathtaking masterpiece.  Not to mention the spiral staircase that flows through the middle of the chandelier leading guests to one of the bars that sits within the chandelier!  I have never been in the middle of such a work of art.

the chandelier bar....

one of the many shops inside the Cosmopolitan that caught my eye..... the name of the store is ALL SAINTS... at first glance you would think they were selling sewing machines!!

closer look of the window display of ALL SAINTS.

Here is a view of their casino... As we stepped in there was fuschia/purple carpet with matching leather seats. The casino was beautiful!!!! There's a 1 1/2 floor with a suspended bar overlooking the casino.

Each and every bar was well thought out. Within this seemingly tiny space holds a impressive number of little touches that you haven't seen from any of the other casinos on the strip. It has the charm of the boutique hotels off the strip combined with the capabilities and service of any of the top hotel casinos on the strip.

Fabulous.. Everything was modern, glittery, draping crystals and GLAM! We couldn't get enough of this place! We spent about 3 hours just walking around and taking pictures!!!! The Cosmopolitan is definitely a must see in your next trip to Las Vegas!!!

Wow.  Well done Cosmopolitan!!  Great concept, planning and design!!  This place is a FEAST for the eyes!!!  Let me preface this review by saying that we did not stay here or eat here but only did the preliminary walk through to see if this is a place we want to frequent and bring others to....... and my answer is a resounding YES!!

Goodbye COSMOPOLITAN.... till my next trip to Vegas !!

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