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With Christmas just around the corner, I am always searching for new places to eat where I can have quality bonding time with my family. With so many new restaurants these days in Makati, it makes one have a difficult time choosing where to have a truly satisfying meal matched with efficient service. 

I rarely venture out to Bonifacio Global City ( BGC ) because of the heavy traffic going to and from that area. Today was an exception, I was going to have lunch with my former schoolmates and we were treating our classmate, Vangie, who flew in from the States. Our destination was ---- HENRY'S PLACE at Burgos Circle.

When the name of the restaurant was mentioned to me,  HENRY'S PLACE did not ring a bell... but when I found out that it was the former GOOD EARTH restaurant of Chef Henry Cheung, I knew it was not going to be typical Chinese cuisine. I had dined a couple of times at GOOD EARTH at THE FORT STRIP and I enjoyed my meal every time I would go there. The food served at GOOD EARTH was very tasty, and they do not use MSG that usually makes us drowsy at the end of the meal. At GOOD EARTH---- they served a lot of greens and none of the usual oil which is characteristic of Chinese cuisine.

When I got out of my car -- I almost couldn't believe HENRY'S PLACE was a Chinese restaurant. From the outside, there was no hint of anything Chinese in this place. There were no lanterns hanging at the entrance door, no red and gold decor you would find in Chinese restaurants...One of the first things I noticed was that it looked like a very small place. The first floor could only house a couple of tables, but the second floor was more spacious.  I loved the clean and casual feel of the place. 

Being the first one to arrive, I decided to check out their menu. Going through Henry's menu,  I noticed that it was exactly the same as that of Good Earth, with all- time favorites such as hot and sour soup, sauteed chicken with pine nuts, shantung spicy chicken and of course popoy's delight. The prices have remained the same as well---  considering inflation and the overall quality of the food and the place, every dish was worth it.

Here was what we had:

Roast pork stuffing on an oven toasted roll... 

If you haven't tried it yet.... this is the best appetizer at  Henry's Place. I also gave thumbs up for the presentation. Lily on the pond is a serving of bite-sized rounds of prawns with minced water chestnuts and Chinese mushrooms sandwiched in between thick layers of eggplant and laid out on a shallow pool of thick sweet and spicy dark curry. Believe me.... it is a MUST TRY!

The duckquitos was exactly as how I remembered it!!  Shredded duck with thin slices of shitake mushrooms and scallions served in crispy bite-sized taco shells topped with hoisin and tartar sauce. This is also a must try!

is the most popular dish at HENRY'S PLACE. It is steamed fish fillet dish with light soy sauce and fish broth with Yunan ham. I liked this one since the light flavors give contrast and provide your tastebuds a break from the other flavor-packed dishes.



Another MUST TRY. Chunky crispy chicken with bell peppers and cashew nuts in a special Char Siu Sauce.

I would rate HENRY'S PLACE a 5 star!! The ambiance was exquisite and the food presentation was really impressive.   I loved the decor of the place... It had pristine white, frosted glass interiors with cool celadon green touches. The prices on the menu are reasonable. I recommend that you try out Henry’s classic dishes that have made him famous!!!  Let's all go to HENRY'S PLACE at BURGOS CIRCLE....


( courtesy of google maps )

From 32nd Street coming from the side of EDSA, turn right at Rizal Drive ( landmark-- Jollibee ). Go straight, then make another right turn at the third intersection. You will see Burgos Circle a short distance ahead.


Burgos Circle, Forbes Town Center
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Contact numbers +632 403 3250/ 403 2203
                            +63926 909 8515

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