Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Journey of a Lifetime ( Part 4 ) Moray an Incan Ingenuity

Lulu and I took an optional tour to Moray another archeological site in Peru today. Moray has an elevation of 11,500 feet above sea level. The bus ride to Moray was very scenic --

When we finally arrived in Moray,  we were not disappointed. We had seen pictures of Moray's perfect circular terracing. The massive and perfectly circular construction under the huge Andean sky makes you absolutely venerate the Inca architecture skills.

According to Jesus, Moray is one of the "agricultural laboratories" the Incas used. Here they learned how to cultivate crops on different altitudes. Moray is an amazing site to see. You need to go  down to the circles in order to feel the difference in temperature and appreciate the strong echo in the middle of the largest circle below.

Lulu together with some of the group hiked down to the site while I stayed on top. I didn't go all the way down since it looked to be a considerable hike, but apparently the center is an  " energy center " and I saw people lying down there to absorb "positive energy ". I am sure that whether there was such an " energy center " or not, being lucky enough to lie down at the bottom and look up from the center would be enough to give anyone goosebumps.

( all photos above courtesy of Lulu Kamatoy )

Just standing on top and looking down at the huge terraces was surreal. It might make some of us think of UFOs or crop circles, volcano craters, but this site is just a man-made agricultural complex. So, it has more to do with potatoes than aliens. Ironically...

As we gazed over the site's mesmerizing sunken circular terraces, Jesus, our tour guide said, "No one is sure when it was built, but many people believe it goes back to 1420s, 1430s. And it was no more than seven years ago that the government really started paying attention to what had been done here. Farmers had been using this as a corral before that. And if the government doesn't pay attention, people will just take these stones and use them for themselves."

There is no photograph or postcard that could do this site justice. The view of the circular terraces is amazing and inspiring. When viewing the terraces you can’t help but to think about how much time and effort must have gone into creating them. It is so impressive, a real tribute to the engineering and farming ingenuity of the Incas. The fact that they could build such a perfect structure with perfect circles is incredible!

The Moray Terraces are among the most beautiful Inca creations. They must be visited by anyone who takes the time to explore the Sacred Valley.

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