Thursday, February 28, 2013

A foodie goes to Macau ( Part 2 ) Rebuchon au Dome

In every trip I make sure there is a highlight that would make my trip so memorable. Let me take you with me to the Grand Lisboa Hotel. I am going to enjoy a degustacion lunch at Rebuchon au Dome -- a Three-Michelin-starred restaurant situated at the dome of the Grand Lisboa Hotel. According to The Miele Guide, they named Grand Lisboa’s Rebuchon au Dome " the best restaurant in Asia ". This restaurant boasts of a magnificent view of Macau. The breathtaking crystal light chandelier cascading from the middle of the ceiling creates a dramatic ambience for a truly exquisite fine-dining experience. Reservations are made thru email or by phone in advance. There is a dress code which is smart casual (no shorts for men, no sneakers or flipflops). When you request for a table, ask them if you can get one by the window.  The decor is classy and tasteful with live piano and singing. 

You have to take the lift to the 39th floor, where the reception located, then the receptionist will usher  you to another lift to the 43rd floor, which is the highest place of the complex where the restaurant is located. The next pictures were taken as you enter the restaurant. 

Their wine selection includes over 3,000 premium wines and champagnes, some of the rarest in the world. 

a impressive hand carved ivory figurine found at the entrance of the restaurant.

We arrived at 12nn sharp, being the first to arrive. We were seated at a spacious table and enough to seat 4. The ceiling is in a dome shape (hence the name of the restaurant). The restaurant is small and in a circular shape - tables are right up next to the windows (each table is a window table) in the outer circumference of the circle.

The lunch menu they have is very reasonably priced for the fare. There were 3 different pricings (458MOP, 558MOP and 688MOP) depending on the number of courses you opted for, and an additional 500MOP if you get the optional wine pairings (which I strongly recommend). I opted for the “privilege degustation” which is 2 glasses of wine paired to the food.. I requested 1 white and 1 red. Both were quite good.

While waiting for our dishes to arrive, a waitress came over with her butter trolley. I like how their carve your butter from two enormous butter mountains nearby, offering your a choice or salted or non-salted. 

Here was what I had :

Duo of Foie Gras and artichoke terrine with kumquat marmalade and pomegranate juice.

Spiced Shellfish Bisque with Espellete pepper and scallop quenelle and crispy toast Intense, concentrated tomato flavour in the broth, the scallop had delightful pockets of roe was a surprise throughout. The crispy toast was just delicious. 

Pasta shell stuffed with lobster and cepes  in Chateau Chalon broth with wild asparagus.

Wagyu Oxtail with chestnut, pumpkin under a light celery puree.

My cousin got the  Caramelized quail stuffed with foie gras and mashed potatoes. I was able to sample it and it was very good !! I found out later that this was the specialty of the house. 

I remember the dessert cart as quite impressive and it was included with our lunch.  You can have as much dessert as you wanted.  We tried everything including the home-made candies and chocolates. 

I chose the napoleon and the rhum baba for my dessert... It was so good !

I would highly recommend dining here if you are in Macau. Have the degustation and simply enjoy the flavours they produce on every plate. The degustation menu is a good choice to sample the creations of the great master. A wine pairing with the degustation menu is a must. One of the few places where the ambience and service made my experience truly memorable. The set lunch was amazing value and it was worth paying extra for 2 glasses of wine from the Somelier's selection. My meal was fabulous, from the bread to the dessert, I really experienced what a Michelin 3-star restaurant should perform. If you love food and want the chance to dine at an affordable 3 star Michelin, this is the place. You should give a try for this 3-star Michelin restaurant, lunch is much cheaper than dinner. Looking forward to coming back another time.

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