Friday, October 28, 2016

Decadence at it's best ... New York Cafe - Budapest, Hungary

A must see when you are in Budapest --- NEW YORK CAFE at the Boscolo Hotel. Be prepared to wait, there is a queue and it doesn't look like they take reservations. 

The New York Cafe is a beautiful baroque cafe which must be experienced. This cafe was designed by Hauszmann, Korb and Giergl in 1894, and was housed on the ground floor of the NEW YORK PALACE. The Palace was severely damaged by the two world wars. In 2006, The New York Cafe reopened its doors to the new owners, Boscolo Hotel and since then it has become a part of the Boscolo Hotel in Budapest, Hungary. 

The architecture and decor are just unbelievable . The design is simplyamazing. You must go to see this cafe which is more than 100 years old and the interior is just breathtaking... See the intricate detailing of the ceiling and bannisters. It is gorgeous! This is not a cafe! It is a palace.

The cafe is a masterpiece of Italian - Renaissance Revival, a real gem of architecture. It represents the golden age of the Renaissance which is very typical of the buildings in Budapest from the late 19th century. The place is very old world stylish with carvings, pillars, paintings, red carpet and a piano player on the background. 

Once you cross the main door, an amazing atmosphere transports you to a real palace. What a unique atmosphere, the best sight and sound. You don't go here for the food, you go here to soak in the palatial setting of this 3-floor establishment, complete with background music provided by a very accomplished pianist. 

Make sure to walk around the place to take it all in ! The New York Cafe is the most beautiful cafe in the world, totally worth a visit and not to be missed when you are in Budapest. 

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