Thursday, April 9, 2009


I did my version of a walking tour of the place. Passed familiar places like Bee Tin Grocery ( in Ongpin street ) where we can get all the chinese delicacies like champuy, dikiam, pickled mangoes, bird's nest etc. Name it.. they got it!!! A few meters from the grocery is where you can buy your chinese goodluck charms, armulets and beads. It was nearly lunch so we decided to look for a good place to take our meal. I decided on the good ol' President restaurant down the road... but to my surprise... it has long been relocated.. What i heard the restaurant has moved to its new location which was the former Manila Grand Opera Hotel in Rizal Avenue corner Doroteo Jose Street. So i ended up eating in its counterpart which was across the street called President Tea and Dim Sum House... The place was filled ....which to me was a good sign, specially if they are all chinese having their meals. We had our usual dim sum and tried their roast dishes. I was looking for the braised Eel which President is famous for but I was told since this was a tea house... they don't carry the delicacy in their menu.
We tried their new dessert on the menu... Chilled Taho.... this is really good and refreshing.

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