Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's Boracay not Bora !!!!!!

Sink your ankles deep into the softest, finest, whitest sand. Sand so friendly, you can’t find it anywhere else in the world except Boracay. It’s like burrowing into sifted confectionery sugar, top-cake flour, or baby powder. Gentle, gratifying. Bordering on the unreal. It’s just got to be what the sandman sprinkles at dreamtime.

The code in Boracay is strictly informal. There is an undeniably easy atmosphere in the island, where walking barefoot than shod is the rule rather than the exception. There are no hang-ups here.

There are literally hundreds of Muslim vendors from Mindanao (Muslim Vendors Association) who walk White Beach and try to get tourists to go on boat rides, scuba diving or snorkeling excursions, jet ski rides, etc., Some carry racks of sunglasses with them, which they try to sell.These vendors are everywhere, and it doesn't matter if you are walking down the beach, lying on it, sunbathing, eating at a sidewalk restaurant, or lounging in a hammock outside your hotel, they will come up and start bothering you, asking " Mam Sir, Jet Ski? Parasail? Scuba? Sailboat? Sunglasses?" and waving a laminated card in your face.

Things to do while in Boracay..

** go island hopping on a motorized banca.
** Snorkeling in crocodile island.
** If you happen to be lying on the beach though definitely have a massage and manicure.
** ride a parao and catch the boracay sunset..
** enjoy a meal in the D' TALIPAPA ( wet market ) - The best and cheapest place to eat. Around the place are a variety of food stores that offers to cook for you, you could just buy Fresh sea foods/ etc (located just near the stores) then have the stores cook it for you with what ever way you like it.

Another added attraction in the island is a water sport called HELMET DIVING or Reef Walker... I have tried this dive and it was AWESOME!!! This activity makes you go down 20 meters to the ocean floor and spend bonding time with the small fishes.... Before descending one is given basic instructions of sign language and decompression. They fit you with a helmet ( which weighs 25 kilos on the surface but felt like a kilo once you have submerged yourself in the water )----- It reminds you of an astronaut walking in space....... I was given some bread to feed the fishes. The secret in this activity is to move slowly, no sudden jerks, have to balance your helmet all the time in order for water not entering your dive mask.

So... what are you waiting for.... let's go to BORACAY!!!


  1. I think the term "Bora" was widely spread of a movie Vin Diesel stared in (xXx or Tripple X) but I think he was referring to a pacth of island somewhere in middle of the Pacific Ocean, and since us Filipinos love to copy, we shortened the name Boracay to Bora. That's just my theory though. Anyway, Boracay is THE island adventure destination in the Philippines and it is always jam-packed with people during the summer months. Will definitely try to visit there during the off peak months to compare the difference.

  2. The abbreviated name has commonly been used even by local tourists... but we have to educate ourselves and others that Philippine's premier island, Boracay is different from another island named Bora-Bora located at French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean.