Friday, June 12, 2009

Bistro Le Jardin, Taipei

location: Tienmou, Taipei

Had dinner at Bistro Le Jardin in Tienmou District in Taipei with my good friend Philip. I was able to meet the owner, Sunny Wang- Joullian and their Chef, Willy Isler - Chef Instructor of Cooking Studio ( which is located on the second floor and also owned by Sunny). Sunny's other businesses are Maison Alexandre and WINE IMPORTATION... she treated us to 2 bottles of white wine.... it was very good!!! Too bad I forgot to ask the name.......while Chef Willy, is a culinary Chef from the famous Culinary Arts Academy, Switzerland..... and he personally cooked our dinner tonight..

We had Fried Emmenthaler Balls coated with egg white on tomato puree,


Sole poached in white wine.... on white sauce with herbs and a dash of cognac granished with rosemary, and

Zabaglione laced with Kirsch with just the right amount of sugar ------ that was the best Zabaglione i have tasted so far!!!! Now for the good news....

Chef Willy has a cooking studio located on the second floor of the restaurant and has cooking classes ( FRENCH PROVENCAL CUISINE ) and SUGAR Classes. For the Sugar Class... he accepts only 4 students at a time... It is HANDS ON .. and in the French Cuisine, he demonstrates and hands out the recipes of what he cooked. According to him.. he has 2 types of cooking class... one for the Hobbyists/ housewives etc... and the other one is for the professional ( which is HANDS ON ) ... In case anyone wants to learn how to cook FRENCH PROVENCAL Cooking .... just leave a note here in my blogspot...

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