Thursday, June 11, 2009

Let me take you to the world of SUGAR ART


Lovers of culinary arts must be prepared for a world where there is an increasing emphasis on the globalization of food and cultures. " Understanding and Mastering the basic techniques of sugar working will help one to develop a sense for shape and form, create show or center pieces and cake/ dessert decorations that will be above the ordinary."

Willy Isler Professor Chef Willy Isler, of INSTITUT HOTELIER " CESAR RITZ ", teaches the different techniques of SUGAR ART... which are Blown Sugar, Cast Sugar, Pressed Sugar and Spun Sugar. His technique is so fascinating that it reminds you of the blown Murano Figurines. Whatever your role in the kitchen, from chef to pastry chef, or just food lovers, you will find fantastic new techniques to learn and develop your skills in the world of food decoration and presentation.

Chef Willy will teach you step by step on how to make sugar showpieces from the basics to the professional level. After completing the courses you will be able to work alone with the sugar using your imagination and creativity. They provide students hands-on learning experience with a whole set of equipment for everyone ; He uses ISOMALT to practice and produce each creation. ISOMALT is a jelly style sugar paste which hardens quickly and can be shaped for a short while by hand. Chef Willy has 3 courses being offered at his cooking studio.

Beginner 1 - demo of Isomalt cooking - the basic techniques of casting and pullling - the creation of 2 and 3 colour ribbons -working with silicon and rubber moulds final creation will be ..... RIbbons and FLowers 

Beginner 2 - Basic Techniques of BLOWING - effective airbrushing - you will be taught how to create a fruit basket and a clown Advanced - perfecting the basic techniques - creating more figures like a BIRD and a SWAN At the end of the course students will be given a diploma upon completion. Each course accomodates 4 students at a time. 

Anyone interested in learning the WORLD of sugar art.... can leave a note here in my blogspot.

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