Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another look at Chiang Mai's Temples


There are over 300 temples in Chiang Mai and the surrounding areas, the majority of these temples are more than 200 years old. Apart from being a place of worship for the Thai people, the temples in Chiang Mai help to remind us of the rich heritage of the Lanna Kingdom.

The architectural styles of these temples include Lanna, Burmese and Sri Lankan. Many of the temples in Chiang Mai have the NAGA ( which are the dragon serpents ) stairways for protection, many beautiful woodcarvings and painted murals.

Most of the temples in Chiang Mai are open daily with free entry although a small doantion is always appreciated. Remember that these temples are places of worship so please dress with respect.

Today--- Oskie and I decided to go and take photos of the temples in Chiang Mai. We have made a list on which temples we wanted to see and take photos. On our way to or first temple,  I found out from our  Moo, our regular driver and tour guide whenever we are in Chiang Mai, told us that it was Buddha day this morning... there will be a lot of Thai people visiting the temples. I have already written in my blog last year , WAT DOI SUTHEP  ( see my blog ...   ). The Doi Suthep is one of the better known temples in Chiang Mai but if you have the time ---- it is well worth exploring some of the lesser known ones as well as there will always be a new treasure to discover.

 So we started off early... to our  first stop...


Wat Lok Molee is another must see when you are visiting Chiang Mai. This is a very old temple with it's impressive chedi that was built in 1527. According to Moo, the temple is said to house the ashes of the royal members of the Mengrai Dynasty. I particularly liked the big hall in the front of the chedi, with it's large  beautiful Buddha.

Although the Chedi has been renovated and modified several times --- all that remains now is the original temple.

** WAT PA PAO **

The Wat Pa Pao temple is a unique temple in Chiang Mai. It is not as ancient as  many of the temples in the city. It was built in the 19th century by the Thai Yai communtity. The temple still sits in the small grove of pao trees that gave this temple its name.

The wat Pa Pao is still the center of the Thai Yai community. On important Buddhist holidays, you might be able to see some food stalls and other vendors here.

The architectural and its uniqueness gets a steady stream of art and architecture students sketching it.

After visting these temples we went for lunch at a Thai restaurant, SATESINLP ( pronounced Sa-te-sin ).  This restaurant serves fantastic Thai and Northern Thailand food. It is an open air garden restaurant that overlooks the Doi Suthep Mountain.

Here is what we ordered.


POR PEA TOD - combination of chopped vermicelli noodles, chopped pork, dried salted prawn, bean sprouts, mushroom wrapped in lumpia wrapper and deep fried. It was served with buay-jip dip. THIS WAS VERY GOOD !!


The meals here are simple but very delicious! The restaurant is super clean!! Most of the dishes we ordered were around 50 Baht to 100 Baht. It was affordable.... and since Oskie and I really loved the place... we went back twice to have lunch here...

KHAO TUNG NAH TUNG - dried rice patties with peanut based dip.

KAO SI - pork cooked in curry, tumeric , coconut milk. There are other types of Kao si.... you can have it with beef, pork or seafood.

PLAA TOD SAMOON PRA HOH BAI TUEY----- For the fish lovers.... intstead of the usual Chicken Pandan we all know... they have FISH PANDAN...

You should try all the dishes we ordered.... IT WAS REALLY GOOD!!!

Tomorrow, Oskie and I are headed for another exciting adventure....... the Flight of the Gibbon!!!  I have been preparing for this adventure since February this year.... we made plans to go on this adventure but -- I was sidelined due to my foot injury.... But... tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!!

Come and follow me in my adventure ..... FLIGHT OF THE GIBBON!!!


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