Monday, September 13, 2010

Chiang Mai's Sunday Walking Street

To me, everywhere is great for shopping because I am a shopaholic--- who knows how to look for stuffs to buy.  I don't care much about brand name, but I buy according to my liking and mood at that moment. I had a great time shopping at the night bazaar of Chiang Mai but only managed to buy a little at the walking street. Some of the things are overpriced but you can bargain for a better price. If not, Just walk over to the next stall most likely you will find the same thing you wanted there.

Every saturday and sunday evening...right in front of the hotel where we stayed -- they would close the whole street and convert it into a walking street.  Yes, Chiang Mai has a walking street food market... wherein you can buy your meal for the evening from the traders. Do not worry... they cook the food right in front of you as you give your order.


Even if shopping isn't your thing, it's a great place to go and enjoy a cheap meal and just to people watch. If you are feeling tired -- there are numerous places offering foot spa and massages. The combination of comfortable chairs, warm air and a gentle massage is guaranteed to relax you and is highly recommended. A foot and shoulder massage is 140 Baht/ hour. 


The night bazaar in Chiang Mai is fully packed with tourists... it's like a place where you can easily find cafes, western food, Thai delicacies, and a lot of stalls. Oskie and I decided to eat once more at the night market where we also ate last year... Here is what we had this time....

Roasted Honey Duck

Kale with oyster sauce

Manila Clams ( grilled )

Oyster Cake

Can you imagine all that food???...... and what is more surprising was our bill was 400 Baht. That is around 600 pesos.

After dinner --- Oskie and I decided to walk around to look out for new finds.... something out of the ordinary... we stumbled into a bead shop operated by an Iranian ... and his beads were moderately priced ( you have to tell him how much you want to spend on your beads )...

We walked to the artist corner ... I was amazed with all the black and white sketches these artists made... It looked more like photos than sketches.

I was able to talk to some of the artists and was able to take some photos while they were busy working on their artworks.

We also tried the foot spa. I paid 99 Baht for 30 minutes.

and we walked to the  Ton Lamyai Flower Market...

It is the only place in Chiang Mai where you can buy fresh cut flowers. The market is opened 24 hours. Most of the produce at the flower market arrives between 2pm and 4pm daily, so it is advised to arrive after this time to find the freshest goods.

People often take a tuk tuk ride or a short stroll over to the market. The Flower Market sits on the banks of Chao Praya River, and many visitors find it relaxing to inhale the lovely floral aromas of the market while enjoying the scenes of the river. Visiting the market at sunset is a true sensory experience.

I hope you enjoyed my travel and food blogs on Luang Prabang, Laos and Chiang Mai, Thailand.... Till my next adventure trip.... SEE YOU ALL !!

                                      SAWASDEE KA !!!

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