Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An adventure to the Middle East ( Part 11 ) Dinner at the Nile River Boat in Cairo

The last agenda for the day was ----- a dinner boat cruise on the Nile River. Our dinner was in a floating restaurant called  The Pharoahs.

After dinner we watched a cultural show ---- which featured a belly dancer

and the whirling dervish.

It was  awesome to see the male dancer spinning non stop for nearly 30 minutes, juggling with five tambours, twisting and turning with his multi-colored long skirt which created an illusion of a human kaleidoscope. 

The entertainment that night was fabulous!!! The outside deck was great for taking the night shots of Cairo. Another MUST TRY when visiting Cairo!! I had such a good time. The belly dancing and the whirling dervish was fantastic. I would definitely recommend this cruise !

Tomorrow we leave for Amman, Jordan....INDIANA JONES are I come!!!!!!   


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