Thursday, December 9, 2010

An adventure to the Middle East ( Part 3 ) Luxor temple by night

Masaa el keer ( " good evening " in Arabic )

Although Luxor temple is smaller in size than the Karnak Temple it is better preserved and has its own unique style. It is the second largest temple in Egypt. In 2004, the Luxor temple was listed as one of the world's most endangered sites by the World Monuments Fund.

It is located at the east bank of the Nile River. In Luxor, all that  remains of its glorious past is the temple that the ancient Egyptians built to the glory of king Amonhotep III in the 18th century. It was completed by Ramses II in the 19th century.

The papyrus flower on top of each column is well preserved. The columns are in good condition.

detailed hieroglyphics on the seat of the statue at the entrance.

The Luxor Temple was rediscovered by Gaston Maspero, an archaeologist. The main purpose of the temple was to provide a setting for the annual Opet festival when cult images of the gods were taken in procession by land and by boat from the Karnak to Luxor. This celebration is held every November 4 which is the anniversary of the discovery of Tutankamun's tomb.

At Luxor the avenue of the Sphinxes that once led from Luxor to Karnak is currently being rediscovered and restored. These sphinxes were there to guard the temple. Many buildings that have been built in the site have been demolished.

If you arrive just when the sun goes down and the floodlights come on, the temple transforms into a magical place. The sky turns from bright blue through the darker shades into inky black, making the pillars and statues come alive. We were there around sunset and the lights were turned on so the view of the columns and statues took on a different mood. The whole place was filled with carvings like any other temples along the Nile River.

Ted, a fun guy, who I met in this trip to Egypt showed me his photo which he thought was dirt on his camera. When I saw it --- I knew it was ORBS. The photo was filled with them. He was kind enough to share his photo with me and I am posting it below.

another photo taken in Cairo, Egypt shared by Armond Forcella.

It was taken from the balcony of his hotel room. Orbs are not only found on historical sites but almost everywhere in Egypt. So when you see these white dots on your photos..... do not think they are DIRT on your camera.... they are ORBS saying hello to you!!!

What exactly are ORBS??

Orbs are mainly spirits in the form of balls of light. They are life forms that travel in groups and are believed to be the human soul or life force of those that once inhabited a physical body here on earth. They are spirits that have willingly stayed behind because they fill bound to their previous life or previous location for whatever reason. They can be completely transparent or display themselves in a bright solid form. It is not hard to capture them on film in their circular form.

What to see at the Luxor temple:

* The Luxor Temple Columns - Massive columns containing papyrus shaped design towering almost 60 feet tall and 33 feet in circumference.

* Obelisk - built during the reign of Ramses II.

* The courtyard of Ramses II - which has 74 papyrus columns arranged neatly in a double row and decorated with 16 statues of pharaohs who reigned during the time of the construction of the temple. In the courtyard you will see a chapel that is dedicated to the god Amun.

I suggest that you take your time to walk around in order to appreciate the splendor of the place. Visit the temple at night when the temple is lit up, creating an eerie spectacle as shadow and light play off the reliefs and columns.

A word of advise!! A sturdy pair of walking shoes or rubber shoes are essential for your own comfort and safety as the ground is very uneven in some places.

The Luxor Temple is really amazing!!!! The shear size of this temple and the workmanship is truly amazing and breathtaking .... one that will stay in you mind forever. Would I recommend a visit to this temple ???? my answer is ABSOLUTELY without doubt. It is definitely something everyone who goes to Egypt should not leave without seeing this magnificent temple.

( courtesy of Kerr Hernandez )

Tomorrow we are sailing to Esna... goodnight all!!



  1. Thanks for accomodating my "visit." I learned something new: "ORBS." Quite interesting! Thanks again!

  2. There are quite a few ORBS in Luxor, and for some reason they seemed to be following me...