Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A New Find in Makati- A restaurant without a name

There is a new restaurant that is about to open in Makati. According to Goo Simplicialo, one of the chefs who I interviewed while we were  waiting for our meal to be served, the restaurant just opened its doors to the public last April 1, 2011. It was Iggy and Cris who stumbled into this restaurant one evening while  they were working late at Cinematic Studio. All the other restaurants at LRI Design Plaza Building were closed. After their dinner, they called me up and suggested that I should go and try out the new restaurant .... which doesn't have a name yet at the ground floor of the building. What got me interested in trying out this restaurant ... was --- Iggy told me ... the crew of LOLO DAD'S was there.. At first I did not believe him .. but he said... that the sous chef, Marge Villena , and  chef Ariel Manuel was there inside the kitchen.

Those paintings which caught my eye were done by one of the students of AMORSOLO.

So today, after work -- Iggy, Cris, Rommel and I decided to go and have dinner at this restaurant. Iggy told me to try their Hainanese Duck Rice. He said it was really good!!

When we got there.... the place was empty... but I liked the ambience of the place immediately. It was the old RICCO RENZO restaurant under new management ( that is the reason for this restaurant not having a name yet ). I quickly looked at their menu to check out their prices. Their prices were reasonable.. and the dish that Iggy wanted me to try was not available anymore. They had instead Hainanese Chicken Rice and Hainanese Fish instead of the Hainanese Duck.

That did not dampen my appetite for this restaurant... after taking a quick look at their " very limited menu " .... Here was what we ordered:

As an appetizer we all started out with CRISPY TOFU WITH SMOKED BANGUS

Iggy had FRESH LUMPIA  which had heart of Palm and wood ear mushrooms. It was served with sweet soy sauce, crushed garlic and peanut sauce.

Rommel ordered the DEEP FRIED ADOBO PAO


Since they were not serving Hainanese Duck Rice anymore... I ordered the BISTEK OF U. S. RIB EYE - this was very good!!! My steak was well made! It was seared on the outside but rare on the inside.  I enjoyed it so much that after my meal I had to congratulate Chef Simplicialo. The meat was tender and had very little fat on it.

For dessert we all shared a CANONIGO

Didn't you all get hungry just by looking at the photos??? Let me tell you they were just as good as they looked !!! Watch out for the opening of this new restaurant....

It is located at the ground floor of LRI Design Plaza Building, Nicanor Garcia Street ( formerly Reposo ) ,  Makati.

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