Saturday, April 16, 2011

XO KITCHEN is an Xtra-Ordinary Kitchen after all

My family and I would often go to Jupiter Street in Makati whenever we decide to look for a good place to eat. We have tried several restaurants along that street serving different types of cuisine... We would discover new places to eat all the time. Last week, Iggy and I were cruising down Jupiter street looking for a new place to have lunch... Iggy noticed this sign... XO KITCHEN... We decided to go and try it out and if we liked it--- we will be back with the rest of the family. Yes, Iggy and I enjoyed our meal so.... today... I took my family and my grandchildren to have lunch at XO KITCHEN. 

The place looked small compared to the other restaurants along Jupiter Street. There was ample parking beside it -- which is really a BIG PLUS for all customers who want to dine out. Traffic along Jupiter Street during lunch is really a nightmare! You can never find a place to park. 

As we entered the restaurant... On the walls were pictures of the food they have in their menu. The place was very clean... Iggy even commented that it smelled like some of the restaurants in Hongkong. I noticed this red dragon dressed up as a chef painted on their wall...  

Here was what we had and let my photos do the talking........ 

For starters we tried their dimsums..

Deep Fried Shrimp Wanton 

Hakaw - an old-time favorite of my grandchildren.

Shrimp Puffs

Xiao Long Bao - I still prefered the one I had when I was in Taipei..

Chicken Feet

For our main course we had:

Vegetable with 3 kinds of egg - Another MUST TRY when you dine at XO Kitchen... This dish is made up of chicken egg, duck egg and century egg. Actually, it was Miguel, my grandson, who chose this dish from the menu. It was not a bad choice after all !! you should try this one!

Salt and Pepper Spareribs - we all enjoyed this dish... You must try this one!

Yang Chow Fried Rice with Salted Fish

Sweet and Sour Fish

For dessert we had:

We wanted to order the Almond jelly with Lychee but it was out of stock so they offered us this Mango Pudding. 

Black Gulaman

Buchi with a twist... Their buchi has different flavors... we tried out their TOBLERONE BUCHI and the FERRERO BUCHI... it was delicious!!

Overall??? The food was really good and we all enjoyed it!!! 

Judging from the photo of my grandchildren... they must have enjoyed it as much as we did! Their prices are reasonable. I am definitely coming back to try out their other dishes. 


134 Jupiter Street
Bel - Air , Makati City

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  1. Very malapit lang to me...will try this out for sure.