Monday, August 15, 2011

Celebrating a milestone at TAO YUAN

I celebrated Iggy's and my birthday at TAO YUAN at the Resorts World, Manila. Yes, Iggy and I share the same birthday..... and Tao Yuan has become a favorite dining place in our family...  we loved their Hainanese Chicken. I have been back to Tao Yuan so many times and every time I go to Tao Yuan... I always made sure I ordered their Hainanese Chicken. It is the BEST HAINANESE CHICKEN I have tasted here in Manila.

Days before going to Tao Yuan, I was already planning what we should order.... I asked Cris, my daughter in law, to call  and make the reservations. The only thing I told my children was.... " We are going to have GOOD FOOD tonight !! " I asked  Edith, another food lover to come and join us.

When we arrived at Tao Yuan... the place was starting to fill up.... there were people waiting outside --- We were ushered by the head waiter to our table and was ready to take our orders... I did not bother looking at their menu... I knew what I wanted to have....

Here was what we had:

Century Egg and Jelly Fish

Hainanese Chicken

Polanchay sauteed in garlic

Crispy Noodles with Seafood

I wanted Soft Shell Crabs but unfortunately they were out of stock --- so I settled for their " BAKLA " crabs which was just as good.... It was so sweet and very fresh to the taste..

The Drunken Shrimps were cooked right beside our table... The waiter brought the freshwater shrimps out just before we finished our last dish --- they were in a bowl,  alive and he marinated them with strong wine... The shrimps were terrific !!! We all loved it!

For dessert we had Almond Jelly and fruit cocktail

The price of our dinner was a bit expensive but it was worth it!!! What a way to celebrate my milestone this year!!!!

Have you already tried TAO YUAN??? what is your favorite dish there??


2/F Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila
Pasay City, Metro Manila

contact numbers: 659 3321
                            846 9998

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