Sunday, August 7, 2011

Una turns 2 at TOURNE

A few days before I left for Manila, Iggy texted me to say --- He and Cris  discovered a new eating place at THE FORT.... and they decided to celebrate Una's 2nd birthday party at TOURNE ( pronounced Tour-nay ) --  a french word meaning " turned ". " TOURNE?? it's a French restaurant?? You mean to tell me -- we will be having FRENCH FOOD for Una's birthday?? KIDS don't eat FRENCH FOOD!!" was  my answer to his "suggestion" ... Iggy just said... " MOM, trust me.... it just opened June 15 --- and Cris and I have tried their dessert-- it was good!! Let's go and try out their food--- it's SLOW FOOD ! and the Chef is Sandralyn Hataway -- google her mom!! " Oh my god!! What on earth is SLOW FOOD??

As soon as I got back in Manila, while I was trying to get rid of my jetlag --- I decided to find out what SLOW FOOD meant... and here is what I found out.... SLOW FOOD is " the opposite of FAST FOOD. The concept behind slow food ensures that everything served is made in the kitchen. From the bread, to the ketchup, to the sauces - nothing is store-bought. Everyone is assured that the quality of food is to the chef's liking." I also read a couple of reviews about TOURNE and all of the reviews were praising the food... That made me curious... I wanted to go and try out that SLOW FOOD! Yes, I am very adventurous when it comes to food and trying out new things ( at least once ) -- but my being so can also make me discover some hits and misses when it comes to food... but with Tourne I decided to give it a try. Come and join me as I discovered some new twists on my meal today.

I together with my kids, Tom and Maite , Iggy and Cris with my 3 grandchildren ( Miguel, Rocio and Una ) met at TOURNE. 

Since we had no idea on what to order... I asked the help of the head waiter on what he would recommend.... Here is what we had:


4 CHEESE PIZZA - this dish was a winner!! It had Kesong Puti, Queso de Bola, Mozarella and Malagos farm Blue  Goat's Cheese with braised Shitake Mushrooms...

BATANGAS BEEF TENDERLOIN KEBAB with chimichuri, grilled red onion, bell peppers, eggplant, okra and tomato stew in a fried saba ring. Served with Moroccan inspired rice.

TOURNE'S WALDORF SALAD - with Jicama ( diced singkamas ), Pineapple, Raisins, Celery, Cucumber, Cashew Nuts on a bed of Mixed Greens served with homemade Mayonnaise.

SAUTEED SOFT SHELL CRABS from  Zamboanga with lemon confit and sundried kamias served with turmeric rice and ratatouille. This was another winner !!

DULONG PASTA with homemade marinara sauce and fresh pasta.

For the little ones, Cris ordered Macaroni and Cheese with deep fried chicken nuggets.

Well, judging from the pictures below --- They enjoyed their meal too!!!

While we were having our meal ---- they were busy preparing Una's birthday cake. Unlike the usual chiffon cakes you order -- where you have a choice of chocolate, vanilla or mocha flavor ----  Iggy made sure that the flavor of Una's cake... was their signature dessert cake flavor ... PINEAPPLE CLOUD. It is chiffon cake stuffed with pineapples --- the cake was  very moist ( most probably from all the juices of the pineapple ).... That is how a cake should be... MOIST and not DRY! It was very good! I LOVED THE CAKE! You should try out their dessert -- PINEAPPLE CLOUD when you go to TOURNE.

 Blow the candle UNA!!!

Overall, I did enjoy all the dishes we had. I definitely will come back another time to try out their other dishes..... the only problem I would like to point out was --- their servings were quite small.... or is it because I was so used to have HUGE servings while I was in the States. I found it a bit pricey for the portions that was served but IT WAS WORTH IT. Thank you Iggy and Cris for this new discovery.

To my birthday girl ---- Happy Birthday UNA!!

Why don't you go and try out TOURNE and tell me what are your favorite dishes!!!

The Fort Strip
7th Ave corner 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, Metro Manila

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