Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Unique Finds at the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST 7.0

It is that time of the year when  our very own Foodie Guru, Anton Diaz,  of OUR AWESOME PLANET makes everyone a Foodie Critic for his ULTIMATE TASTE TEST 7.0..... Once again, Anton gathered all the amateur chefs for an Ultimate Taste Test. The location??? MERCATO CENTRALE at the Bonifacio Global City. If you still haven't joined in any of these food taste testing ---- you are missing a lot!! Let me share with you what to expect once you join the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST. You will have to register as one of the " food critics " for the event. They will give you a " passport " wherein you will carry with you as you go from one booth to the other and rate the food you have tried. As you exit you will have to surrender your " passport " at the reception area where they will tally your votes. All the points will be validated at the end of the event and the winner will be announced by OUR AWESOME PLANET. Did it sound very easy to do?? YES?? I don't think so!! The hassle was ---- you are not the ONLY one doing this... you will be with a thousand " one-night food critics "... that meant only one thing... long waiting lines on each table. But let me tell you .... it's worth the wait!!! There are definitely some good finds!!

I joined the CINEMATICONCEPTS Team to document the entire affair. In between shots --- I did my own tasting of the dishes that was served and interviewed some of the " future chefs "....

The last time I joined the CINEMATICONCEPTS team on the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST was 2 years ago.... It was an eye-opener!! There were some really good AMATEUR chefs ! I stressed on the word AMATEUR because almost all of the participants were newbies ... and what made them try out their luck in the food industry was their passion for cooking.

This year's ULTIMATE TASTE TEST had a lot of delectable desserts ( just in time for the Christmas season), homemade ice-creams and mochis, and a few savory dishes. Unlike the last Ultimate taste test I went to  --- I chose my favorite dishes  --- this time ---  I decided to look for unique dishes that were being offered --- and here is what I found...


Can you imagine our very own Tilapia converted into ice cream??? yes, I cringed when they offered me a cone... I couldn't imagine tasting Tilapia on my ice cream! But after I interviewed DANA VERA CRUZ, the developer of the ice cream... I tried it ...  it was VERY VERY GOOD!!

I tasted the tilapia flakes I was so impressed that there was no tilapia after taste.. Dana told me that the tilapia aftertaste was crossed out by the other ingredients ( walnuts, cheese and cream ) she added to her ice cream. This ice cream is definitely a MUST TRY!!!!

By the way, you can make this ice cream at home... According to Dana, “ It can be done at home. It can be a boost to the tilapia market, ” she said. All one has to do is to steam the tilapia, flake its meat, and mix it in all-purpose cream, condensed milk, ground walnut and cheese. The mixture should be frozen overnight and served in cones or cups. " I might try it out one of these days and if you are as adventurous as I am when it comes to food.... I am sure you would like to try it out yourself and let me know what you think about it!


Another eye- opener was the booth of TREE OF LIFE  WELLNESS CENTER. The first thing that entered my mind was... " What are they doing in a taste test??"... As I lined up along with the other food critics -- I noticed they were handing out small paper cups with green liquid in it... According to their project coordinator , that green liquid is their " power smoothie ". It is an all natural smoothie that is very good for detoxing our system... Its ingredients consists of blended camote, bananas and mango. This smoothie is good to last for 2 days in your refrigerator... A glass of this smoothie costs 100 pesos, and you can take as much as 2 to 3 glasses a day. They offer this smoothie as part of their natural healing process at the Tree of Life Wellness Center. She called it Hydrocolonics. I asked  her to explain to me what are the benefits of Hydrocolonics... and this is what she said, " Hydrocolonics helps eliminate toxic materials from the lining of our colon. By taking the juice --- it enables our body to flush out the toxins that have been stored in our body. It is more potent than any medication without the toxic effect of drugs".

What got me so intrigued with their smoothie was that they said that you can lose some weight. They showed me their handouts and there were even testimonials of 2 women one age 19 who lost 19lbs. in a month and a elderly woman in her 80's who drank the smoothie to cure her ailment...

They are very new in the market --- When I asked them where can we get the smoothie --- they told me that --- they are selling their smoothie only at the center.. This was their first time to join such event to introduce their power smoothie. With the tremendous response to their power smoothie --- they are going to have a booth very soon here in Makati... If you want to look slim and feel healthy---- I recommend that you try out their power smoothie!!!


To the organizers of the ULTIMATE TASTE TEST .... The brains behind OUR  AWESOME PLANET and THE ULTIMATE TASTE TEST, Anton Diaz and Spanky Enriquez... YOU have done it again!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!


Contact numbers for:


contact person: Dana Vera Cruz
cellphone : +63906 - 384 - 3707


103 Washington St. Merville Park Sudivision
Paranaque City
Telephone number - 776 3742
                                 881 4028


  1. Many thanks, Asunta, from Think Wink fam.

  2. Thanks Ms Asunta!
    We will inform you asap where to find the smoothies once we finalized our outlets (aside from Merville)
    More power to your blog!


  3. actually were making a thesis about the tilapia ice cream poh... and as of now our respondents response was very acceptable.. mostly poh yun..