Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sakura in Osaka ( Part 2 ) Osaka Castle

I’ve heard many things of Osaka from huge shopping centers, endless restaurants -- Osaka is a great all around place where you can indulge in eating and down right spending! Since this was my first trip to Osaka, I was excited just to walk around the downtown area and see what the daylight and night time would be like.  The cherry blossoms, known in Japan as sakura, are usually only in full bloom for around one week. After the period of full bloom the small, round shaped flowers start to flutter gracefully from their trees and the blossoms are said to be the most beautiful in this final stage as the white and pink petals gently float to the ground.

After breakfast the group met at the lobby and we began to strategize our plans for today. We were going to go to the Osaka Castle. In the past, I used to plan all my trips in detail. I gave that up. I came to Japan with only one specific objective, the see the cherry blossom. This was where our navigation skills were put to test. My cousin, Corito was the designated navigator and researcher of the group. She asked for a map at the lobby and we studied which train to take and what exit to go. Luz, acted as our accountant of the group. I was the assistant navigator and photographer of the group. Jojo and Nita helped in reading the subway stops. Before we left, I said we should always allot an hour in travel time just in case we get lost on the way. 

Our first stop - The Osaka Castle

The Osaka Castle was originally built by Hideyoshi Toyotomi (1583 - 1615) and it underwent several reconstructions over the period of centuries and the last major restoration was completed in 1995 - 1997. The castle grounds boast 4300 cherry tress where you can enjoy the charming cherry blossoms with castle tower in the background. It is one of the most famous landmarks in Osaka.

We wandered through the park and up toward the castle, passing through a handsome gate on the way. We decided not to go to the castle anymore and spent the whole morning at the park.

It was a lovely day to visit the castle as the air was cool and although the sun was not out, the flowers of the hundreds of cherry blossoms were all out in full bloom to greet all the visitors.  

I even saw a couple having their bridal photo in the park.

What a wonderful place to stroll around, enjoy a friendly park atmosphere, and see one of Osaka's top tourist sights.If you want to see cherry blossom in full bloom, this is the place to be. The Osaka castle looked beautiful and prominent to be located in the middle of Osaka City with lush greenery and water surroundings. Osaka Castle is excellent for cherry blossom viewing. A historical site that a tourist must go and visit. Be prepared for a long walk when you plan to visit this place.

We went to have a bento lunch at a nearby restaurant near the subway station before going back to Namba district.  Here was what we had:

Sayonara !!

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  1. Cherry blossoms are such a sight! Your traveled date is perfect!