Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sakura in Osaka ( Part 3 ) Underground shopping at Namba

On my recent visit to Osaka a few weeks ago, I discovered a unique characteristic of life in this particular urban center -- Osaka has an extensive system of subterranean shopping malls that seemed to stretch for kilometers beneath major thoroughfares, branching off in every direction imaginable from subway entrances.

There are tons of underground shopping malls in Osaka and this one in Namba is particularly good with a wide selection of clothing, accessories and home decor at cheap and affordable prices.

There were lot more stuff sold for women than for men.  Walking here can take you three hours minimum without stopping. There were so many things to look at and wonder if you should ever buy them.

You can find everything in Namba! We especially loved the bakeries were we found food for breakfast every morning. Some of the store clerks speak broken English, but they were all extremely helpful and  polite.

Namba is like an American Mall complete with department stores, trendy clothing shops, souvenir shops and side aisles of great noodle shops and other restaurants. We spent hours just walking around. The entire Namba complex is like a labyrinth both above and underground.

A trip to Osaka is not complete without a few hours wandering around in Namba.  If it’s raining outside, there’s really no need to worry because you can often get from the train station to your destination without ever seeing the sky. If you are willing explore a little, amazing experiences are waiting just below the surface. There is one thing that Osaka has more of than any other city in Japan -- it’s underground. 

Sayonara !

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