Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Bayanihan Dance Company - The pride of the Philippines

Location: The Podium
The Atrium, Megamall

" The beauty of the Philippines shared in music and dance ".

The National Heritage Month is a yearly month long celebration centered in our heritage. It featured performances, exhibits , culinary events and other activities which emphazised on our traditions and customs. It has sought to strengthen people's awareness and appreciation of our Filipino culture and tradition.

I was fortunate to have been following the hectic schedule of the Filipino Heritage Festival Inc. in documenting the month long heritage festivities and in three occasions they featured the renown Bayanihan Dancers as one of their performers. The Heritage month will end on May 30 in Antique.

Bayanihan, the National Folk Dance Company of the Philippines takes its name from an ancient Filipino tradition called bayanihan which means working together for a common good. In 1956 Dr. Helena Z. Benitez founded the Bayanihan Folk Dance Group of the Philippine Women’s University. The following year, 1957, it was formally organized as the Bayanihan Folk Arts Center with the Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company as its performing arm. Both the center and the dance company were tasked to research on and preserve indigenous Philippine art forms in music, dance, costumes and folklore; to restructure and enhance these research findings to evolve repertoires suited to the demands of contemporary theater; and to promote international goodwill through performances at home and abroad.

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