Friday, December 18, 2009

discovering Thailand.... part 10 Bangkok - How to Enjoy Street Food.....

Have you tried sampling the street food in Thailand???  If you haven't done it yet... Go and try it... It is fun!!!

Food stalls on the streets of Bangkok can look a little intimidating to foreigners, but they   provide convenient, delicious and cheap meals to the locals. Wherever you go in the city, these stalls are plentiful and very often you will find high concentration of them in particularly busy areas. The main attractions usually include a noodles stall, a made - to - order stall and " curry on rice " stall. It is  easy to catch a quick bite to eat in Bangkok.. there are food vendors on every other street corner. They sell fresh fruit, freshly squeezed juices and more.

While the streets of Bangkok may be dirty and the air filled with smog , eating at a street vendor in Bangkok need not be a worrisome affair. Yes, you will see the food is unrefrigerated and there is typically a big wash bin of dirty plates next to the cart, but believe me when I tell you that eating from street vendors in Bangkok is quite safe.

This will surely help you enjoy street food which Bangkok is well known for.

Some useful Thai words:

MAI PHET - not spicy
MAI WAAN - not too sweet
NAAM PLAO - drinking water
AO GLUB BAAN - Takeaway
GEP TANG - check please

 Here are some tips ..

** Dress lightly as the weather in Bangkok can be hotter than Tom Yum Soup!
** Always carry small change. These vendors do not have change for big bills.
** Taste the dish first before you add seasoning.
** Carry your own tissues or napkins as most of these vendors do not provide it.
** Street stalls usually close on Mondays and are usually busy around noontime and dinner time.
** Always use straws when drinking.
** Always clean your utensils with tissues before use. Some places have a pot of hot water nearby where you    can sterilize your tools.
** make sure the food is freshly prepared. The food should be freshly cooked and not look as if it has been sitting there for hours.
** Thai food is notoriously spicy and hot. If you do not want too much heat then order your food and say " MAI PHET ". This means " NOT HOT " and the chili's left out. On the other hand if you think the hotter the better then order the food " PED MAK MAK " This should get you food that is extra spicy although I have had mixed results.
** When the place is crowded it is an acceptable practice to share a table with other patrons.
** There are always hawkers and beggars asking for change. IT IS  OK TO REFUSE.

Bangkok street food is some of the best and cheapest food in the world and I have yet to find anyone who does not like something on offer by the vendors. The amazing variety combined with the delicious taste makes it an experience not to be missed. So, next time you are in Bangkok, pull up a plastic stool by the side of the road and have yourself a feast!!!!!



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