Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Revisiting CIRCLES EVENT CAFE at Shangrila, Manila


To tell you the truth, I am not much for buffets. It is just an accepted form of greed and overindulgence over food  that may not be all that good to begin with, in short an open invitation for indigestion. However, I see the usefulness of buffets. It is great for a large group of people who have no idea what they want to eat or have varied tastes.

When one thinks of good selection of main dishes, well laid out food stations, attractive setting, small portions of appetizers and desserts... we immediately think of CIRCLES... At Circles, the food stays hot and rarely overcooked. There is a high turnover/ replenishment because it is so busy. Our plates were taken away in a timely fashion... and most important .... their staff is very courteous and helpful.

My eldest son Tommie and his wife, Maite invited me to have lunch with them at CIRCLES. I haven't been there since the last time it was renovated and I had heard so many people talking about it ... I decided to go and have lunch there. The Shang ( short cut for Shangrila ) is consistently rated as one of the top hotels in the city, and they had renovated their casual - coffee shop. I vaguely remember the old look  as a tasteful but somewhat tropical-themed room with a coffee shop....when I told that to my son he immediately said..." Mom, that was a long long time ago!!! " ... Today the interiors today are a lot better... they used dark wood, glass and accent lights and a lot of orange accessories... it looked very chic and sleek!

The food has improved quite a lot.

The most populated station is the dessserts which Shangrila is famous for... actually this is also my favorite station when I go to buffets.. I take a look at the dessert station first before I decide on what I am going to eat. There were local desserts like banana turon (  sliced banana with a sliver of jackfruit deep- fried in spring roll wrappers ), bibingka ( native rice cakes ), sago at gulaman ( sweet tapioca and gelatin ), and ginataan ( coconut milk  stew ).

There were also a vast variety of bite-sized cakes , pies, mouses and puddings; a few hot dessert options like strudel and bread pudding and a ice-cream and halo-halo ( preserved fruits and shaved ice ) station. There were also a small variety of SUGAR - FREE desserts. My son decided he will have halo-halo for dessert... It was so good!!

Yes, Circles is still pretty good, definitely a top option as far as the buffets go. The price is quite steep for the average pinoy, but possibly worth it. So if you have a large appetite, want quality selection , or have a celebration... it would not hurt to stop by the CIRCLES for a good meal.


address: Circles Cafe
              Shangrila , Makati
              corner  Ayala Avenue and Makati Avenue

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