Monday, January 4, 2010

Destination.... SUBIC BAY, Zambales ..... Sunset Cruise aboard SHIBUMI....

" Glittering sun, stretches of aqua-blue waters and a magnificent sunset ....."  a combination that is awe inspiring and mind boggling!!!

 I woke up early just to check what the weather was like... I was happy that the weather was still cooperating ... bright sunny day and the water was calm... THIS IS GOING TO BE A GREAT DAY!!!! I started to prepare .... packed my camera, tripod and an extra lens ( just in case I might be needing it )...

... today is the day I was waiting for..... SUNSET CRUISE on Subic Bay!!!!

To tell you frankly, THIS is the first time I was going to ride a sailboat... I have taken cruises when I travel abroad... but... never on a sailboat !!! I was so excited and anxious at the same time.. I did not know what to expect... all I had in my mind was.... to take a photo of the SUBIC SUNSET...

We were at the Subic Yatch Club at our scheduled departure time which was at 3:30 pm... I thought it was quite early to sail for a sunset cruise... but after talking to our skipper, Jeremy Simpson, the reason for this was it would take at least another half hour to get out there in the Bay itself. Jeremy, who is an Englishman, was an ex-Royal Navy officer. He is a passionate environmentalist and sailing enthusiast. He has joined a lot of boat races here in the Philippines and have organized some of these boat races in Subic Bay.

We met his crew ( actually they were his friends who are sea lovers like him)... He introduced BOB --- who I found out later.... crossed the Atlantic 8 times .. ON A SAILBOAT which took him a month each time ...  and his first time to do his amazing adventure--- he was only 18 years old!!... I was IMPRESSED !!

 Iggy tried helping in putting up the sails...

Jeremy gave us some instructions..... like where we could sit to be able to get the photos we wanted, how to keep out of the way when the sails go up, what to do when someone falls overboard and lastly when the boat tips into a 45 degree angle.. which actually happened when we took off....   I had my hands on my camera trying to get a shot ...  while balancing myself !!!

Somewhere out in the Bay... the wind did its job... it was smooth sailing all throughout ...  "Nice breezy day ..." I said to myself...  We had time to enjoy some drinks, take more shots and patiently waited for the sunset.

little Una trying to help out too... she seemed to enjoy the whole experience...

Finally the time has come... SUNSET!!!!!!! Iggy and I immediately positioned ourselves on the boat so we can take photos.. Iggy was going to take a video of the sunset while I was going to try and take the sunset with my camera.



here are some photos of what I took...



All of a sudden..... I saw.... IT WAS FULL MOON TOO!!!! WOW!!! I turned around and tried taking the full moon too....... I had the sunset and full moon at the same time !!! I learned later what I thought was the full moon was actually the BLUE MOON.... which means there are two full moons in a month. It was  mind boggling !!!!!

Jeremy's boat, SHIBUMI, can be chartered for 8000 PHP for 2 hours and a maximum of 14,000 PHP for 8 hours. He also charges 500 PHP for each person.... and also provides drinks ( like wine, soda and beer ) and chips too.. That is why he called it the SUNSET BOOZE CRUISE.... The maximum number of persons that can fit on his boat is 10 persons.

It was NEW YEAR'S EVE also that day... so here are some photos of the fireworks display.

To sum up my wonderful experience..... I would recommend this SUNSET CRUISE aboard SHIBUMI... I'd like to think that Subic Bay offers a wonderful ambience for travelers seeking for a place where they can unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature. If you have been spending your week working really hard amidst a very busy city, Subic Bay would be a great place for you to relax and spend time with your loved ones.

Go out there and enjoy the sunset.... have FUN and I would like to wish all of you ... a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Shibumi Sunset Cruise

Contact person : Jeremy Simpson
Tel. nos.       +63918 903 4226


  1. This is a truly unique novelty outdoor adventure! How far was the trip?

  2. SUBIC is 2 and a half hours from Manila.

  3. Sooooo beautiful... and beautifully said!!! Can't
    wait to experience this fabulous sunset cruise!


  4. This is one great experience. Hope I can have a taste of it too. :) More power!