Sunday, January 17, 2010

LE PETIT ARTISAN at Greenbelt 5........

 To all the Coffee and Bread Lovers !!!!

After dinner one evening at Greenbelt 5,  my son Iggy together with his wife, Cris and I went for coffee. We discovered a new place where you can enjoy a cup of good coffee.... the place is called LE PETIT ARTISAN.. owned by James Romdane, a French man.  I found out that they only opened a few days ago.  James started selling his breads 3 years ago. He used to sell his breads at the Saturday Market in Salcedo Village and the Legaspi Sunday Market at Legaspi Village.  He has teamed up with the Max Brenner group which operates different outlets like Haagen Daaz, Oliver's Super Sandwiches, Thai Patio, Tea & Therapy, Zing Juice Bar and Madison Grill.

Le Petit Artisan is a small cofffe shop right beside Madison Grill . He serves all kinds of breads and his famous croissant. I was fortunate to see him in his coffee shop and got to interview him... He boasts of his breads which are sugar-free, no yeast, no fat and no preservatives.

His croissants are hand made unlike other places that uses machines.  While we were there... we were able to see his worker prepare / bake croissants.

You should try his coffee... that night my son had his espresso, I ordered decaf and both coffees were very good. I have tried different coffee places here and abroad, but this one was different. The aroma and body of his coffee is different.

Iggy seems to have a hard time on which flavor he should try.....

I also saw that he sells muesli bread which was good.

The best seller is his Authentic French Bread....This bread is entirely made of unbleached wheat flour, water and salt. It does not contain any type of refined sugar in its recipe.


According to James,  his motto is...... " If you like my breads... SPREAD THE WORD..... if you DO NOT LIKE MY BREADS... spread the word too!!!"

Want to have a good cup of coffee today???  Why don't you try LE PETIT ARTISAN  .... Be the Judge!!


Le Petit Artisan
Phase 2  ( ground floor beside Madison Grill )
Greenbelt 5, Makati

tel. nos. ( 0929 ) 486 - 0234

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