Friday, July 23, 2010

A day at Huntington Garden Part 4- The Lily Pond and Conservatory


The lily pond at the Huntington was inspired by Monet's garden at Giverny. There are some benches were you can sit down and rest your tired feet... When I got to the pond.. there were a couple of ladies with their easels trying to paint the scenery.

It was so peaceful to look at. I saw kois, turtles and ducks swim around the lilies, lotus plants and papyrus. I had ample time under the blazing sun to take some photos. 

Let me share with you some of my photos in the lily pond.

the next stop.. THE CONSERVATORY

When you pass the through the front doors and step into a greenhouse space containing a miniature tropical rainforest and a bog garden.  There were a lot of educational signs and interactive exhibits scattered throughout the space. The temperature differences between the inside and out were very pronounced. The temperature outside was even cooler than inside the greenhouse. The temperature inside was very humid. 

The lush plantings outside the front door seemed to mirror the lushly planted indoors.

I was not able to stay very long to take photos. A little word of advise for ladies who enter the Conservatory. If you have curls on your head... it is wise to just stay outside the Conservatory. The moisture and the water spraying from the ceiling will surely mess up your hair.

The middle of the Conservatory is like a huge rainforest with a variety of plants. There were microscopes where you can see plants and spores up close. It also houses plant that might have special needs beyond the " just add water " plantings located in the subtropics outdoors.

I wasn't able to go and see the famous " stinky flower " otherwise known as the " corpse flower ".... It was housed in another place.

On to our last stop .. The Desert Garden.


  1. Nice photos asunta! Felt like I was there with you!

    Marimi de la Fuente

  2. Thank you Marimi.... i just love this part of Huntington garden.... it was so peaceful..