Monday, July 26, 2010

A day at Huntington Gardens Part 5- The Desert Garden


Finally my last post of the Huntington Gardens. Thank you for sticking with me. The Huntington Desert Garden is a fitting place to end. This garden was stunning; with wonderful plants in a well designed garden. You should definitely put it in your place to visit when you are in Los Angeles.

The Huntington Desert Garden is by far the largest themed garden I have seen. It covers 10 acres of various desert plants collected all over the world. This garden has the most complete species of more than 5000 cacti and succulent plants. When one talks about the Huntington Garden... they always tell you not to miss the Desert Garden. I love the alienness of the Desert Garden with all its spiny cacti.  It is really so large that it is mood altering to just wander its paths.

The garden dates back many decades and features some huge specimens the likes of which you will never see. But what I love most about the garden is that it incorporates these great plants into landscapes.

Let me share with you the photos I took while I walk around the Desert Garden ...

Many aloes were blooming with their dramatic spikes of hot, bright colors. The lighting that day helped make some of these scenes more dramatic.

I hope you enjoyed viewing all the photos on the Huntington Desert Garden. If anyone would like to share their knowledge of the plants and flowers I have photographed... that would be much appreciated...

Thank you Ernie for accompanying me to the Huntington Garden and walking around the  huge garden... It was really  awesome!! and to Lulu who have suggested that I go and tour this wonderful garden... Thank you very much!! I enjoyed my day at the Huntington!

The HUNTINGTON GARDEN is DEFINITELY one garden that can turn anyone into an enthusiastic garden visitor. 

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