Saturday, February 14, 2009

Abe's Farm in Candaba, Pampanga

Next stop... Abe's Farm...It is a nurture Spa owned by the late Larry J. Cruz. It is located at the foot of a dormant volcano Mt. Arayat in a town called Magalang in Pampanga. It is not only a Spa but boasts of good Capampangan cuisine for lunch... We also had merienda here ... they served us pancit palabok and fried lumpiang ubod which i mistook for turon na saging..

The famous CAMARU ( crispy crickets ).. I have tried this dish but since i am not that much of a fear factor wannabe... i did not like it while the others thought it was very good!!

the Fern Salad - otherwise known as PAKO SALAD...

the interiors of Abe's Farm

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