Saturday, February 14, 2009

Breakfast at C's Restaurant in Angeles, Pampanga

Although this restaurant doesnt open for breakfast... Anton Diaz of OAP was able to ask its Owner and Chef, Chris Locher, to open its doors for us today... He had made a special breakfast menu for us like the Butcher Steak ( which was my favorite--- it was BLACK ANGUS beef ), Smoked Salmon, Fritata ( that is like an Italian Omelet ), Italian Sausages, Ham and Bacon, Glazed onions, tomatoes and mushrooms.... as our main course..... and we had the usual breakfast fare of fresh fruits, breads ( french, whole wheat and rye ), banana and chocolate muffins, different fresh fruit juices and we had 2 bottles of chilled Prosecco ( an italian sparkling champagne ).... and THAT was ONLY BREAKFAST!!!!!

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