Saturday, February 14, 2009

CANDABA Birdwatching

Our last stop.... Birdwatching at the Candaba Swamps.. We were accompanied by my friend and birdwatcher, Ixi Mapua. Her motto is " Just watch don't catch".. We went to the bird sanctuary in Candaba, Pampanga of Mayor Gerry Pelayo. This was his resthouse cum bird sanctuary for all birdwatchers and wannabes...Birdwatching or " BIRDING " as Ixi calls it ... " is observing wild birds in their natural habitat "....Ixi handed out binoculars and even taught us how to use them.. We had to take a jeepney ( it was a fiera that can take 20 passengers ) and ride through a bumpy, dusty road for 40mins into the swamps.. but it was worth it....

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