Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hot Air Balloon Festival in Pampanga

Getting ready for take off.........

It was an early start for all of us... We all met at the Starbucks in 6750 at 2:30am. Our bus left at 3:00am..In this culinary tour we had Anton Diaz ( food blogger of OUR AWESOME PLANET), Ivan Henares ( blogger of MAN about town ) and Ivan Man Dy (who makes walking tours in Manila ).....This is my 2nd time joining the Culinary Food Tour ( the first one was in Tagaytay last October )....we were 35 people ( all equiped with cameras, sun-blocks, hats and mosquito repellants ) ... we had 5 foreigners ( still young couples ) who were from Singapore... We didnt have the little son ( Aidan ) of Anton but we had a little girl who was the youngest ( 18 months ) in our group... We got to Pampanga at 5:00am ( it was still very dark ) at the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport ( DMIA ).... i noticed that there were lots of cars already parked in the lot... Since we came in a bus, we had to be dropped off far from the entrance and had to walk towards the site where the balloons will take off... At around 6:30am... i saw a man in a parachute jump off a plane with the philippine flag.. that signaled the start of the show... There were 25 balloons competing this year. Since we were there very early -- we were able to catch the balloons getting filled with air..... By 7:00am.... all the balloons were getting ready for the lift-off... and one by one... OFF they went up in the air.... It was such a pretty sight to see... Since the day was a bit hazy and overcast.... it was not as hot and humid as I had expected it to be... The finale number of the balloon festival was the COKE bottle and the ELEPHANT ( very popular balloon ).. the other balloon I liked..was the KELLOGGS balloon that even had a mascot.

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