Friday, March 19, 2010


Bizu started out as a kiosk at Glorietta back in 2001. They have introduced the macaroons, those circular goodies made of  pure egg whites and crushed almonds to Filipinos who thought macaroons where those coconut balls and condensed milk confections.  These macaroons are tediously handmade. There are 15 flavors more or less which is available at any given time. When I used to frequent the Glorietta before, I would make sure that I dropped by at Bizu to buy a box of macaroons to take home. Those macaroons look so good when they are packed in those little hatboxes.

Their macaroons are 35 PHP each. I would recommend that you try out their PISTACHIO, ROSE, ORANGE, LEMON and BLUEBERRY. In fact those flavors I mentioned are my personal favorites! They are one of the bestsellers of Bizu. They are small but each bite melts in your mouth and you can really taste the different flavors in each type of macaroon.

They have little cakes, individual in size and which costs around 265 PHP each.

Their famous and well loved cakes are SAMBA, OPERA, MANGO CHIBOUST and AMOUR. The cakes in Bizu uses Valhrona chocolate and Elle and Vire cream cheese, a cheese so expensive here in Manila . Their cakes look like pieces of art!

Bizu is a full blown bistro that serves meals aside from serving pastries. Today, Iggy , Cris and I went to Bizu for their AFTERNOON TEA which is served between 3 - 5 pm.

It is not well known, but you can order French hot chocolate at Bizu. You can have it thick ( like the spanish way ) or thin in a mini or regular cup. You should try it!!! It is a brew of French cocoa powder and milk. It is perfect for drinking, dipping or dunking your macaroons in it.. It is " stick- to-your-lips " good!! I still remember the time way back when I thought that Cibeles ( a spanish coffee shop ) had the best hot chocolate . I had tried a few others that was just as good, but when I tried the hot chocolate here at Bizu... I started coming back for more!! I got hooked on this drink ! They also have the best Lavazza coffee too.

Here is what we had .... AFTERNOON TEA  ( 575 PHP ).. it is good for 3 people.

Classic Scones, Salmon with capers and Whipped Cream, and Madeleines.

The Classic Scones included blueberry jam and chantilly cream. It is also good with the Madeleines.

Macaroons ( Rose and Lemon ), Chocolate Truffles, Opera Cake.

Mushroom in vol au vent pastry, Petit Herbed Chicken Feta in Ciabatta , Apples with Brie on croute. I loved the Mushroom patties.

The three- tiered pastry tray is usually served with your choice of any mild teas on their menu.

We wanted to try something out of the ordinary... something exotic.. so Cris ordered Tropical Rooibos as our tea . It is a blend of Rooibos (  a red herbal tea found in South Africa... pronounced " roy bos " ) with orange, strawberry and raspberry sprinkled with coconuts and raspberry bits, orange peels and corn flower petals. Now isn't that  just perfect with an eclair one afternoon?

Bizu also have SUGAR FREE CAKES which are:

Jolie - the most popular SUGARLESS cake in BIZU.  The Sugarless cakes costs ( 195 PHP ) for the personal,  midi costs ( 785 PHP ) and the grande costs ( 1500 - 1800 PHP ).

The Sugarless Truffles are : Dominique, Green Tea, Sesame and Coffee, Cinnamon and Cardamon and Macadamia.

The next time you have those SUGAR  cravings... you know where to go...BIZU PATISSERIE & BISTRO.

Bon Apetit!!

BIZU Patisserie and Bistro

The Promenade - Greenhills Shopping Center
tel. nos. 724 - 2498

Greenbelt 2 - Makati
ground floor beside NUVO restaurant
tel. nos. 757 - 2498

Alabang Town Center
tel. nos.   809 - 2498


  1. Food glorious food!!!Pictures are absolutely fabulous and makes you drool. Aussies have Devonshire Tea which is scones with jam/s and cream and tea (take up Mother England). But the best scones we have had in our travel is in the US. We were on train, Desert Wind, from California to Colorado. For breakfast, we were asked whether we want "biscuits". David's reaction was - why would I want biscuits for breakfast!!Dah! The maitre explained what it was so we gave it a try. They call our scones biscuit. It was melt in your mouth, light, but buttery smooth. I hunted for the recipe and had several attempts before I came close enough to that biscuit (scones). Beat ordinary Devonshire Tea. Ellen Hegarty

  2. hi Ellen, thank you for reading my blog.... I would like to try the Devonshire Tea next time I go have Afternoon Tea @ Bizu... probably they would have that too.. it sounds sooo exotic !!