Sunday, March 21, 2010

Have you ever eaten at TERRY'S SELECTION ??

Terry's Selection Segundo Piso is very spacious although it is found on the second floor of the Karvin Plaza Building in Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati. Most of you have probably heard of this place through countless features in lifestyle programs, magazines and newspapers.. They do not only serve you good Spanish food but they also have an extensive wine collection.

My family and I were invited to a baptism of my nephew's son, Pablo Carolo, and the reception was held here. Instead of the usual merienda fare--- we had TAPAS. To little Pablo, welcome to the Christian world!

Terry's Selection Segundo Piso is owned by Chef Juan Carlos de Terry. This restaurant specializes on Spanish cuisine. The ambience is cool, casual, clean and modern.  Their staff is very friendly and accomodating.. Another plus sign for this restaurant !!!! The place is ideal for groups seeking to have a good meal and when you go to these places --- it is better to be in groups so you can sample more dishes.

They have an " open - air " kitchen so that the food is cooked in front of you. What delightful smells emanate from the kitchen of Terry's Selection--- you can actually feel your hips growing as you inhale. hahah.. On one side of the kitchen you will see a huge leg of jamon serrano that they slice -- only when needed. On the other end of the room , you have the sleek wooden wine cellars blending well with the design of the restaurant.

All the tapas that were served were prepared by  Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco.

Here are the tapas that was served to us:

Manchego cheese and Salchichon de Vic Dumplings - according to Luis Chikiamco, Terry's Executive Chef, it is the " quintessential Spanish cheese and Vic salami tucked into crunchy Chinese wanton wrapper". I found this very good, with the salami blending well with the milder-tasting cheese. I watched them prepare this dish. It was  deep-fried in olive oil. It looked like it was easy to do... but Chef Luis said the oil should be really hot before cooking these dumplings or your dumplings will absorb all the oil in the hot pot. When prepared properly , deep fried dumplings will absorb less fat and oil. This is because the oil immediately surrounds the food and cooks it from all sides, thus creating an exterior layer that seals in the food's juices inside, while keeping most of the oil outside.

There were 2 kinds of Croquetas:

Croquetas Jamon Serrano y pollo and Croquetas tres quesos ( they used Manchego, La Corrala and Cabrales )..... I loved both croquetas. When you bite into these croquetas you can taste the bechamel sauce together with the ham and the cheeses... I remembered way back when my sister and I studied in Barcelona, each weekend we would go to this little bistro down in the Ramblas to have our croquetas de pollo and torta de patatas together with our filipino classmates for lunch... now... I finally found a place here that serves croquetas the same way.

Chorizo on Piggyback - it is chorizo flambeed with sherry brandy. I recommend this dish when you come here to Terry's Selection. You should not leave the place without trying it!!!

 Caesar Salad Minature -- Terry's take on Caesar Salad-- pinchos style.

Tawilis Adobados - These are crunchy baby sardines ( found only in the waters of Taal Lake ). It was marinated in their special Spanish mixture and deep fried.. I tried this one--- it tasted like Chorizo!!! I asked Chef Luis how come it tasted like chorizo when it was deep fried fish. He said they used pimenton  and other Spanish herbs. Try this Tawilis Adobados!!! Make sure you close your eyes when you try it !! This dish is a winner! I haven't tried this in any other Spanish restaurant. Kudos to Chef Luis Chikiamco!

Setas al Ajilio - fresh mushrooms sauteed with garlic and Jamon Serrano.

Mini Tortillas of Asturiana - a tortilla with Cabrales ( blue cheese ) and bechamel sauce.

Mini tortillas de Serrana (- a tortilla with Jamon Serrano shavings ) and tortillas de patata.

The paellas at Terry's Selection are the epitome of all that is tasty in this restaurant. I guarantee that once you have tried any of them you will come back craving for more of this stuff. Today we had 2 kinds of paellas - which were:

Super Paella Parellada - It is the ultimate paella with squid , shrimp, chicken, pork loin, green peas and mushrooms topped with roasted bell peppers and chorizo Salamanca.

Paella Marisco or Seafood Paella - this is the timeless classic served with alioli.

For dessert-- we had the TARTA IMPERIAL RUSA - The original Russian tart served during imperial banquets in the Philippines, where almonds and cognac were not available decades ago, This exceptional dessert was adapted into what we popularly know today as Sans Rival.

TOCINO DEL CIELO - this directly translates to " Butter from Heaven "... this dessert is to die for!!!! it was so creamy--- melts in your mouth...  It was so good that I had to go back for more.... I loved it!!!

I would recommend this TERRY'S SELECTION for real authentic Spanish cuisine... Spanish food means  " comfort food " to me that I am very familiar with. Something that you can do yourself or even your cook can do at home. No bursting flavors in your palate, no subtle hints of this herb or that spice. It is safe and reliable, it is consistent.... I think it is just what you expect ---- and get !!! TERRY'S SELECTION is simply TERRY-LICIOUS!!!!!!!


Terry's Selection is quite hard to find unless you knew its address or unless you got the directions before hand-- you won't be able to see it from the main road , since its building is situated inside a compound. You will have to enter a long driveway --- there you will see a brightly lit deli on the ground floor. That is the Terry's Deli.  Their deli is my dream pantry------- it boasts of a great selection of wines, sauces, dressings etc. The restaurant is situated on the second floor  which is not friendly to people who are disabled.

Unit 2, Bldg. B Karvin Plaza
2316 Pasong Tamo Ext.
tel. nos.   ( 632 ) 844 1816

lower ground , THE PODIUM
18 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center
tel. nos.   ( 632 ) 636 3513

ground floor, One Lafayette Square
132 L.P. Leviste cor Sedeno streets
tel. nos.   ( 632 ) 889 3194


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