Saturday, March 6, 2010

ARA KOREAN RESTAURANT - my kind of Korean Restaurant

My love with Korean food may be pale in comparison to my obsession with Japanese food. Nonetheless, I always enjoy every Korean experience. So whenever the opportunity comes around like today, who was I to say no??? My family and I enjoy a good Korean meal once in a while. We used to frequent KAYA restaurant ( in Jupiter ), Korean garden ( also in Jupiter ) and CHAM CHAM ( at the Korean town just behind Rockwell.

My son , Tom called me up this morning to ask if I was still free for lunch. He was going to have lunch with his wife, Maite and his family at ARA KOREAN RESTAURANT. Since I haven't tried that restaurant yet.. I agreed. I met them at 11am..  We were lucky the place was not full so there was no time spent waiting for a table. But Tom said during weekdays this place is full. Waiting time is usually 20 - 30 minutes.

ARA KOREAN RESTAURANT is located in Malugay street near Buendia Avenue. It is inside the Makati Golf compound. The ambience of ARA is very casual.


As we sat on our table the complimentary side dishes were served to us while we browsed thru their menu. Since Tom was here a couple of times before with his officemates, he suggested we try their popular dishes.

Miguel tries to eat with chopsticks... He wasn't lucky so he ended up eating with utensils rather than go hungry.

Rocio tried her luck too... she thought she had to EAT the chopstick!!! ha ha !

Here is what we ordered.


BU DAE CHIGAE  ( 600 PHP ). Beef ribs with sauce. I love this dish...  you get to wrap the barbecued meat in big lettuce leaves with all sorts of condiments like sliced raddish, soy bean paste, a garnish of leeks, sliced raw garlic and green chillies if you want that extra sauce.

We also had... SAMGYUPSAL - pork belly/ bacon bbq ( 300 PHP ), KALBICHIM - beef stew ( 450 PHP ). Their beef stew was very good. It was very tasty and melts in your mouth. NOK DU JEON - another kind of PAN JEON which is mostly vegetables ( 250 PHP ).

Since we ordered 2 barbecued meats we had a free dish ... Steamed egg. According to Maite, my daughter-in-law, it tasted like Japanese CHAWAN MUSHI Korean style.. ha ha ha !!

Dessert was the usual Pineapple slices and the cinnamon juice. This never fails to cap off a satisfying Korean meal.

This time we had a freebie... The owner, Yoon Yun Sun, gave us 3 bars of Korean Ice Cream Bar... first glance you would say it looks like our very own Magnolia pinipig bar... but this ice cream bar had chocolate bar inside. YUMMY!!

The service was wonderful, the owners ( Park Seong Hee and Yoon Yun Sun ) were there to supervise too. Their prices are reasonable. Food quality was consistent and the surroundings are very clean. I was able to interview one of the waitresses and she said they have a Loyalty program where you get points with your purchase and it converts into a cash discount on your bill the next time you dine at ARA Korean Restaurant.

Another PLUS to this ARA KOREAN RESTAURANT... is that there is a PLAYROOM right inside the restaurant for the little kids to play while the parents have their meal.

I recommend ARA KOREAN RESTAURANT in Malugay Street, Makati.  I love Korean food and so far this is the best from all the ones I have tried.

What is your favorite KOREAN RESTAURANT??

                                                       KAMSA HAMNIDA!!

How to get there: 

Along Buendia, turn right on Malungay street.  If you are coming from Makati Avenue going towards  Buendia intersection, just by the curve you will see a large Korean restaurant on your right....that is ARA KOREAN RESTAURANT.


7232 Malugay Street, Bgy. Bel - Air
Makati ( Makati Golf Club )

operating hours : 11:00am - 2:30pm
                             5:00pm - 11:00pm

tel. nos. 817 1206
             0917 - 822 2414
             0917 - 899 6575


  1. Thank you for posting! Been searching for a good Korean restaurant in Manila.

    Can't wait to try this out!