Wednesday, March 3, 2010


As I said in my previous blogs... I am a MEAT LOVER... to make it more specific... I am a hardcore canivore and I am very particular about my steaks. I know good meat when I eat it... and the best Angus beef I have tasted are from Santi's Delicatessen.  I always buy my beef at Santi's Delicatessen. Whether it is for sukiyaki, beefsteak or just plain STEAK... I  simply love the beef of Santi's. Santi's  Delicatessen is one of the Werdenberg Group of Companies that own several restaurants such as:  Carpaccio Ristorante Italiano, Bianca's Swiss Restaurant and I'M ANGUS Steakhouse. Santi's is famous for their outstanding Angus beef. They have a good reputation about having the best ANGUS beef . Their steaks  probably might be in the high end but... you GET the best meat... and the best quality for the best price. Today, my son Iggy, Cris and I are going to try I'M ANGUS STEAKHOUSE.

I'M ANGUS Steakhouse is located in Yakal Street, San Antonio Village in Makati. It can only sit a few people. So I would advise you that it is best that you call and make a reservation  first before going.

Upon entering the restaurant I noticed that it was spacious inside and it even had an " open " kitchen with a glass divider. The interiors was very appropriate for a steakhouse restaurant.

I love to have a good piece of meat, I like I'M ANGUS beef ! In fact a majority of people in the Philippines still prefer meat. And those looking for a more exquisite kind of meat would be glad to know that Manila is not short of restaurants serving high-grade steaks. Depending on personal preferences, all too often steaks could be.... OVERCOOKED ( stiff or dry ) or UNDERCOOKED ( bloody and slightly dead ! haha ).  I have traveled to the United States, Japan and to Europe, and I can say that I have tried the best beef in the world, so I should know what I am talking about and what I want!! In my travels abroad I always make sure that I would have at least one evening ... for a good steak dinner.. and cooked the way I always want it... which is SLIGHTLY DEAD!... Usually the prices of a good steak dinner abroad would be a lot higher than what we have here in the Philippines.  I'M ANGUS STEAKHOUSE  is pricey ( average dining cost would be 1000 PHP ), therefore it may not be a restaurant that you can go to on a more frequent basis. But... this place is for special occasions.

I found out from the waitress that EVERY WEDNESDAY they have a special menu.....

which is Roasted US Certified ANGUS  PRIME RIB of BEEF  ( you have a choice of sauce -- bernaise, chimichurri or au jus ) served with salad ( you can choose your own dressing --- caesar or vinegrette ), Baked Potato.. and a glass of Argentinian cabernet sauvignon... for 980 PHP net...   That was what we ordered. I had bernaise sauce for my prime rib and Iggy got the chimichurri sauce for his prime rib. For the dressing on our salads.. we opted for the caesar dressing.

My prime rib was heavenly... or should I say orgasmic... the meat was so soft.. it just melts in my mouth.. I was wary at first when they told me they only had Medium Rare... but what they served me was perfect!  as I slice thru my half dead meat.. the juice just came out... I wished I had more bread to soak up the sauce on my plate!!

It was a wonderful evening... GOOD Angus Steak ( cooked the way I like it ) and be with my family.... I can't ask for more!! Next time you want to have good ANGUS steaks... remember the name ..........I'M ANGUS STEAKHOUSE... you will never go wrong!!



7431 Yakal Street
San Antonio Village, Makati
tel. nos. 892 6260

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  1. you must try their steak!