Monday, January 31, 2011

KIMPURA RESTAURANT is back in Makati !!

When it comes to good classic Japanese food, the choice way back then was loud and clear.. It was KIMPURA RESTAURANT. The very first time I went to this restaurant was when it was opened in 1970 at the Makati Commercial Center ( now known as Ayala Center ) with Lor Calma as architect of the place. I clearly remember its location which was right beside Rustan's. From then on---  I would frequent the place with my mom and my siblings for dinner or lunch. I can still remember -- all those times we would go there it was always filled with people. The Pinoy palate welcomed a new world of dining experience. Way back then ---when making reservations for a table was not required, we had to call in for reservations just to get a table.

When I got married and had my sons, Tommie and Iggy... I still kept on going back to Kimpura--- mainly because I loved their food. Kimpura was were my eldest son, Tommie, learned how to eat sashimi as early as 3 years old. Our whole family would gather around the misono table and watch the Japanese chef cooked fried rice and steak..  they had those tiny thin foil paper laid out on the sides of the misono table where they used to put the vegetables...Yes, I can still remember how the food tasted back then... it was YUMMY!!

Finally --- Kimpura has opened its doors once more in a new location, Greenbelt 5. At Kimpura, there are no magic tricks, no short cuts in their way of cooking, just good old treats that delight both the young and the old.

The new Kimpura restaurant at the Greenbelt 5 was a visual feast !!! They had modern interiors, warmer, airy ambience. I was glad to see Lulu Palileo, the restaurant manager, who is a Kimpura fixture since the time it started. She has been with Kimpura for almost 40 years. That is what I call LOYALTY to Kimpura!!

I had so many happy memories of that place.. I would like to share some of them with you... Being a frequent diner at Kimpura,  a number of waiters there know our faces and would often remark at how grown my sons are. They used to see my sons when they were babies sitting on my lap, then on to their toddler years... And when I would go there without my sons, they'd look for them. It made me feel good!! I am sure each one of you also felt the same way I did way back then.... but sometimes familiarity with these waiters aren't that great all the time.... once when I entered the restaurant --- the waiter made a comment " Ma'am tumataba ata kayo" or  " Ma'am you have gained weight!!!  ( with that  remark I had to think twice whether I would leave him a hefty tip or none at all !!)  ha ha ha.

Today, I went there with my family to taste once more the authentic Japanese cooking Kimpura has to offer. Iggy suggested that we should try out the newly opened Kimpura restaurant. I asked him to make reservations ( I specifically asked him to try and get the misono table ). We were very lucky to get a misono table which we didn't have to share with anyone.

While trying to decide on what we would order --- they gave us appetizer and miso soup.

After browsing on their menu--- no, it didn't take long before we decided on what we will be ordering.  Here was what we ordered:


Almost everyone in my family loves tempura so this a staple when we dine in a Japanese restaurant. I love Kimpura's plump shrimps deep-fried in their soft and crunchy batter. Not all Japanese restaurant can make their batters really crunchy--- most of the time when we order this dish it is served soggy...


CHIKU SUSHI - imported and local nigiri with maki sushi.

Then the chef came over to our table looked at the stuff he had to cook for us... and started to cook our meal...

JAPANESE FRIED RICE - I was able to ask the chef what were the ingredients of their fried rice... ( I will post it on another blog the famous Kimpura Fried Rice recipe ). He also added-- you do not need a misono table just to cook your fried rice.

ENOKI TEPPANYAKI - golden mushrooms with chicken and shrimps. This was really good!! You have to try it!

SEAFOOD MIX TEPPANYAKI - grilled fish fillets, oysters, squid and vegetables cooked in a special sauce.


Do you remember when the chef would remove all the fat from the meat --- and cut it into tiny bits, fried them to a crisp then add it to the bean sprouts??

For dessert... we had a choice of JELLO or BUKO SHERBET... Although I knew that the buko sherbet was better than the Jello---- I had to taste the good old dessert Kimpura would serve after every meal.... JELLO... It still looked the same how I remembered it was served before.... it came with those tiny bits of pineapple on top of the hardened jello and..... yes, it still tastes the same....

Kimpura is still one of my favorite Japanese restaurants and now that it has opened once more I will make it a point to try to go there at least once a month.... Overall, one of the best Japanese restaurants in town is KIMPURA. The ultimate kimpura experience is to have it at the misono table where the chef cooks your food right before your eyes using the teppan grill. Either way you take it, you'll be able order and taste their wide range of Japanese delicacies, including sushi, sashimi, tofu steak, sukiyaki, prawn/fish/mixed tempura, teppenyaki steaks and prawns as well as chicken and fish.

Once you get addicted to Kimpura, you will never stop going back for more!! Welcome back KIMPURA!!

See you at KIMPURA!


5th Floor beside Peking Garden
Greenbelt 5, Makati
contact nos. 621 - 6791 to 93


  1. Yes, I agree with you that this is the best Japanese resto here in Metro Manila, Phils.

  2. how much is the price range of their menu? And, Does the misono table includes the dishes that they cook or you're the one who will pick from their choices?

  3. Ph800-1000 per head. Depends if you order the US beef tenderloin which is around Ph1300-1400 per piece