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A microlight is an aircraft that is not designed to carry more than two people and has a maximum take off weight not exceeding 450 kilos. This means that this plane have relatively short take off and landing capabilities making them ideal for small airfields. 

Another memorable experience on this trip to Chiang Mai was another sky adventure... Riding a microlight plane. Before I left Manila last November-- I was trying to get in contact with the handlers of the microlight plane adventure in Chiang Mai... they were not responding to my several emails to them. So I decided to ask Moo, our contact in Chiang Mai to get hold of them and try to get bookings for a microlight adventure trip -- this time... I wanted the ride at 4:30pm --- to get sunset shots. Moo informed me that there were only 2 microlight planes available so we had to plan well who will take the first flight out. The flights lasts for 15 or 30 minutes.  The flight which will last for 15 minutes ( will carry Oskie and Jaqui  on the first trip ) and the second flight which will last for 30 minutes ( Boom and I will be flying together up in the sky on separate planes ).

I was trying to convince Oskie to go and take it with us. He had his misgivings about the microlight saying it was small, etc. In short... he wasn't too keen on going on the plane. But Boom and his wife Jaqui were raring to go. Not wanting to be left out in the adventure he acceded to my pleas.

Our pick up at the hotel was at 3:30pm. We all decided to have a light lunch that day and waited for the pick up.

Again---- they were punctual.. they came for us at 3:15. Off we went to the small airfield.
Jaqui and Oskie were the first one to ride the microlight--- they were going to be up for 15 minutes.

While Jaqui and Oskie were up in the sky... Boom and I went around to take more shots. We saw this guy who was preparing for his flight ( see photo below ).... It looked more scarier than the microlight plane... I have seen this contraption when I was in Pampanga for the hot air balloon exhibition... One thing that entered my mind was--- he might be following us taking our photos... I found out later -- that there is a video camera that is attached to the right side of the wing of the microlight. This plane is called an ULTRALIGHT. 

When Jaqui and Oskie landed --- it was our turn on the microlight....

Here are the aerial shots I took on the microlight plane. After getting last minute instructions from my pilot... ( you can communicate with the pilot through a microphone attached to your helmet )... Off I went up into the sky!!!!! What a way to go!!!!!!!!

Here is my edited version of the microlight plane flight... this is what they call ULTRALIGHT..

After our ride we were handed our certificate of our microlight experience and a video. Our microlight adventure costs 2900 Baht for 30 minutes and 1900 Baht for 15 minutes. You can choose whether you would like to fly in the morning ( they start as early as 6:00 am ) or just in time for sunset which is around 4:30 pm. If you want to have a video coverage of you flying in the air is another 500 Baht. The insurance is included in the price. It was worth it!!

Our flight certificate was given to us...

Did I get a good sunset??? My answer is No.... but I got something instead....

The guy on the ultralight plane crash landing on the runway.

( courtesy of Jaqui Boncan )

Jaqui was the ONLY one who got the perfect sunset... and guess what--- she was just using her tiny point and shoot camera!!! 

It was fantastic, marvelous!! It has to be tried at least once. The feeling you have throughout the flight is thrilling. Feel the wind on your face on the microlight plane. The world is beautiful from the sky. It was an experience I will never forget. Try it!!!

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