Friday, January 28, 2011

Where to Eat in Puerto Princesa ( Part 2 ) KINABUCH Bar and Grill

One of the places in Puerto Princesa that was recommended to me was KINABUCH Grill and Bar. ( Pronounced Kina- Butch ). The reason it was named this way was it is owned by Butch Chase. This is Puerto Princesa's local version of Hard Rock Cafe. The only difference is this is an open aired restaurant and they do not have live bands--- only loud R n B and mostly Hip Hop music.  In Puerto Princesa, Kinabuch is a popular joint for foreigners and tourists.

If you decide to go to Kinabuch -- try out their TAMILOK. It is a mangrove worm mollusk. The evening I was there.. I wanted to try it but the rest of the group were a bit hesitant on trying it. I tried to find out what a tamilok looked like and taste like. According to Puri Aquino, a resident of Puerto Princesa, tamiloks are mangrove mollusks and is a very popular Palawan delicacy. She said tamilok tastes like oyster and it is a bit slimy. You will have to soak the tamilok in a bowl of vinegar so that you will not taste the seafood-like taste of it. She also added that you should not eat Tamilok if you're hungry, you might get an upset stomach.

Here was what we had for dinner:

Crispy Pata - This is a must-try in Kinabuch.

Sauted Prawns in chili garlic sauce

and a dish called Gising Gising - this was one of the dishes I enjoyed that evening. It is cooked spinach with small bits of pork, chillies and cooked in coconut milk. You should try this dish if you haven't tried it yet.

Your trip to Puerto Princesa, Palawan will never be complete without a visit to Kinabuch Bar and Grill. I highly recommend this place. Don't forget to jot it down in your MUST TRY in your itinerary in Puerto Princesa, OKAY??

Happy Eating !!


Rizal Avenue
Puerto Princesa, Palawan
contact number : ( 048 ) 434 5194

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  1. sarap pala mag food trip sa Palawan dame pala resto don kakagutom yung prawn with chili sauce