Monday, June 13, 2011

An extra ordinary experience with the Cinematics Team ( Day 2 )

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!!! It is a great day ---- perfect weather for our photo shoot at the Twin Islands.

As we agreed the night before, the team met at the Wawa Boat Station to take a banca to the Twin Islands at 6 o'clock in the morning... the reason for this early morning ride was ---- when the tide comes in -- it will be very hard for us to do the prenup shoot on the island. Pen negotiated for our boat trip, since he was from Nasugbu, he haggled and got a good price for our trip.

The boat ride to the Twin Islands was approximately 45 minutes ( one way ). It was very relaxing to take an early morning boat ride, my camera did not stop clicking all the way to the island. In case you are interested to visit the island --- a banca from the Wawa Boat Station it will cost you 3000PHP ( roundtrip ). 

( Courtesy of Cinematiconcepts )

When we got to one of the islands... the team decided to climb to the top for the photo shoot...  The team brought up the bikes and our equipment. It was very steep and hard to climb. I decided to wait for them at the shore. According to the team-- climbing to the top of the island was really worth it. It was picture pretty --- . This island is reachable when it is low tide. There is usually a sandbar in between the two islands where you can walk. When the tide rises the sandbar disappears. Be careful and watch where you step--- the stone formations at the sandbar and on the islands itself are very slippery.

While the team was busy taking prenup shots with Dondi and Jasper at the top of the island... I had a little " accident " down below.... while waiting for them. I was looking for a shady spot where I could sit and wait for them to come down.... I walked to a spot -- which I thought was shady enough and started to clear some crushed corals --- leveling it so I can sit and take some shots of the waves crashing on the rocks... as I was about to sit down... a wave came rushing to the spot where I was --- and washed away the spot I was going to sit on... I lost my balance and fell--- scraping my back on the rocks, hitting my head... I ended up with a couple of bruises on my back!!!... Yes,  my being adventurous can get me into trouble  sometimes---  I end up getting into so many " little accidents "... but that won't stop me from what I love to do.... talking photos!!  My love for photography has no bounds... I would risk my safety just to be able to do get the perfect shot!!

( courtesy of Cinematiconcepts )

The team satisfied with their shots on top of the island made their way back down.... 

Before we left for Manila.... the team decided to have lunch at Joy's Kitchen at the Roxaco Subdivision in Nasugbu, Batangas. Joy's Kitchen is opened daily from Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner. I have been to Tali Beach so many times but I never discovered this little kitchen... It was Pen who suggested this kitchen... and we were not disappointed with what we ordered....

Here was what we had..

Bottomless Herbed Iced Tea

PASTA SCAMPI - spaghetti with shrimps sauteed in Joy's homemade pomodoro sauce, cooked in virgin olive oil and served with garlic bread..

TUNA FLAKES PASTA - spaghetti cooked with tuna flakes in virgin olive oil and green pimientos.

Bistek Filipino - beef steak marinated in balsamic vinegar and spiced soy sauce with lots of onions.

FRESH GREENS WITH PARMESAN - Fresh greens with diced apples, cucumbers and tomatoes. Topped with hard boiled egg and tons of parmesan cheese.

ORGANIC MIXED SALAD - fresh greens with sliced carrots, pineapple, croutons. Balsamic- Honey dressing.




I had so much fun doing this little adventure with the Cinematics Team---  I am looking forward to another extra ordinary adventure with the Cinematics Team once more!

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