Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My BORACAY Getaway 2011 Where to eat in Boracay

There are lots of places to eat in Boracay... I am very sure --- you have your own list of " WHERE TO GO" and " WHAT TO EAT" in the island. I have made my own list of where I wanted to eat and where to have them. Here is the list I have made for you to try when you go to Boracay...


I always make it a point that it is a " MUST " that I have a meal at D'TALIPAPA... Leaving the island without sampling Boracay's delicious seafood would only be half the fun!! The best place to get the freshest catch of the day would be at D' TALIPAPA. We ate at PLATO D' BORACAY - which is located right in front of the market itself. This establishment are run like regular restaurants with only one difference: customers need to bring their own uncooked food.

At the wet market --- you can hand-pick every prawn and mussel.... They usually charge " cooking fee " which is 250pesos/ kilo on your food to be cooked... on vegetables they charge 100/pesos. We decided to have everything I bought grilled over hot charcoal rather than ordering it with sauce. Why should you mask the flavor of the seafood if it is very fresh!!

Here was what we had:

** ISLAND CHICKEN INASAL ** It is located at the plaza area of D'Mall. It is a pure Ilonggo food joint. Their specialty is Chicken Inasal and Kansi.

We had been trying to go to this place since last year --- but everytime we come over--- the place was filled with people. This time --- we decided to go early.. We arrived at 6 pm --- and the place was already getting filled while the rest of the other restaurants were not yet opened. The price tag of this restaurant is very affordable. You have to try it out on your next trip to the island.

KANSI - authentic Ilonggo Bulalo with a twist.

Do you know what is Kansi?? It is cooked the same way as we cook our Bulalo-- they use beef shanks with the bone marrow intact. The taste of Kansi is like sinigang a bit on the sour side. The big difference with our Bulalo and their KANSI is that they use BATWAN which is only found in the provinces instead of the usual tamarind powder to achieve the sour taste. And they put anato ( atsuwete ) to turn their broth into a rich red color.

They have the best CHICKEN INASAL -- it was very juicy unlike other inasal outlets I have tried... their chicken inasal was perfectly grilled and topped with mouth-watering aromatic chicken oil sauce. This is a must try for all the chicken lovers.

** GELATO at ARIA **

After your meal..... head to Aria  for their GELATO. It is located at Station 2, D' Mall. It is a small kiosk just beside Aria Cucina Italiana. The best gelato in Boracay. My favorite flavor is PISTCAHIO.

** LEMON CAFE **  It is located at D' Mall.

Lemon Cafe serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and even in-between snacks. Every plate you order looks more like a work of art.

We went there for brunch and had the best eggs benedict in Boracay. It was served on an excellent home-made whole wheat bun and the hollandaise sauce had a bite of lemon in it.

Do try out their desserts especially the tiramisu which was very light and no too sweet, Lemon Cheesecake, their sinful Belgian chocolate cake and their leche flan. It is to die for!!

Perfect food, great service and this place is not cheap but you pay for what you get and what you get is the flavorsome and well presented food !!!  I will deifinitely come back to these restaurants on my next Boracay visit!!!

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