Friday, June 24, 2011

My BORACAY Getaway 2011 ( Part 2 ) DOS MESTIZOS same time a year after

Ever since I discovered and got to love the cuisine of Dos Mestizos, I have made it one of our " MUST TRY ONCE MORE " on my food itinerary this year..... and I was not disappointed!! I love Dos Mestizos!! I wanted to go back and try out their other dishes.  Dos Mestizos might be a bit pricey but the food they serve is worth it ! One thing I liked at Dos Mestizos is all the food I ordered was served to us piping hot and freshly cooked.... and their service was fast!!

Here was what I ordered:

BACALAO ALA VIZCAINA - It is a Spanish-style fish stew which uses salted cod that had been stewed in olive oil, tomatoes and potatoes. This dish is a little salty so I would recommend that you put a little on top of a piece of french bread when you eat it...  Bacalao is a traditional peasant dish in all Spanish speaking countries and is served during Holy Week, Christmas and New Year's Eve.

FABADA ASTURIANA - It is a rich Spanish white bean soup with morcilla ( blood sausage ). This reminded me of my mother-in-law cooking this dish. The beans were very soft  and the taste of the morcilla was very prominent in the broth.  The right way of eating this dish is to drizzle some olive oil and vinegar. This dish is usually served with crusty French bread.

ENSALADA VERDE CON LANGOSTINOS -  the prawns were very fresh!!!

MEJILLONES AL VINO BLANCO - The clams we had were the best!! They were huge and very fresh... my mouth waters just thinking about it.

For dessert -- I opted for the BREAD PUDDING than the usual leche flan..... It was really good!!! The pudding was not sweet and the vanilla sauce was the perfect match for this dish. I made the right choice! It was served warm...and it melts in your mouth!!! A must try ....

Dos Mestizos has the best food on the island!!!! I highly recommend this restaurant!

Venga vamos a comer en Dos Mestizos!!

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  1. Good job on writing this review. Hope to see you again.