Friday, April 2, 2010

EAT WELL DELICIOUS KITCHEN- a taste of Hongkong in Manila

I have eaten here once before with my friend, Edith. She was the one who discovered this eating place and she told me about it.. She was raving about the food that tasted so much like the food we eat in Hongkong. Another thing she said was, " the food at EAT WELL was value for money "-- and that stuck in my mind......Eat Well restaurant is located at the ground floor of the Deustche Bank Building. Yesterday Iggy, Cris and I drove to the Global City in Taguig to have an early dinner at EAT WELL DELICIOUS KITCHEN at the Net Cube bldg.

As we entered I noticed the place was small. But the waitress told me that they have a second floor which is used for functions. The place looked very clean. Their staff was very efficient and friendly. The head chef, Law Kwok Keung is said to be a Cantonese who used to be one of the Chinese chefs in one of the big hotels in Cebu. He is always present in the restaurant. He has finally opened a new branch in Greenhills.

I also noticed the cook by the window preparing the dishes to be served.

The menu looked interesting and I thought the prices at Eat Well were reasonable. It had pictures of the dishes in the menu.  It reminded me of the President Tea House in Chinatown -- which had pictures in their menu with matching chinese characters to describe the dishes.

These are the dishes we ordered:

ROAST CRISPY PORK -  ( 220 PHP ). I enjoyed this dish . The skin of the pork was very crunchy and the meat was soft. They gave us hoisin sauce for this dish. This dish is similar to the Filipino Lechon Kawali.

SLICED BEEF WITH BROCCOLI AND OYSTER SAUCE - (  250 PHP ). I loved this dish -- the broccoli was very fresh and they had a lot of shitake mushroom in it.

HAKAW - (  125 PHP ). I found this dish a bit pricey for 3 pieces.

SHAO LONG BAO -  ( 88 PHP for 4 pcs ) ( 175 PHP for 8 pcs ). It was okay but not as good the shao long bao I have tasted in Taipei last year. I remember how the juice inside the shao long bao burst inside my mouth as I ate one whole piece... HEAVENLY!!!  The original and very tasty shao long bao is found in DIN TAI FUNG restaurant... It has a lot of branches in Taipei and in the States..

BEEF WANTON NOODLE SOUP ( HONGKONG STYLE ) -  ( 185 PHP ). I found this soup very reasonable.. It is good for 2 - 3 persons. You should try this one!!

If you want good authentic Chinese food go and try EAT WELL. With all the food we ordered --- we ended up spending 300 PHP per person... NOT BAD huh!! As a whole , my EAT WELL dining experience was wonderful, and I will definitely go back there!!!!  I recommend you go and dine at EAT WELL DELICIOUS KITCHEN. The service is good and fast!!! You have to come early because the place fills up very fast. It is wise that you call for reservation first before going.


EAT WELL Restaurant

Unit C, Ground Level
Net Quad Building
30 - 31st Street, Bonifacio Global City

Tel. nos.  856 - 9408


  1. Hi Sheera, thank you for mentioning me in your piece. I didn't know they already have a branch in Greenhills. We should go there after Easter as part of our summer trip to the tiangge. You still have your robocop boot on?

  2. HI EDITH..... you were the first one who opened my eyes on EAT WELL.. sige.... let us try out the branch in Greenhills. Yes, I still have my robocop boot on ---- but this time.... am not using my cane anymore...

    have a happy easter BFF !!

  3. hong kong style food is rare in manila

  4. my favorite is their shrimp puffs!!! :)