Friday, April 23, 2010

MARUCHAN- a new japanese restaurant in Makati

I have always loved Japanese food....and most of the time I would always frequent places that are close to where I live. I would see the sign MARUCHAN from my balcony but I have never gone to the place. But today--- I decided to go and have lunch with Iggy , Cris and little Una.

Maruchan has 2 floors --- the ground floor are for the non-smokers and the smoking area is on the second floor. I was told by one of the waitresses that Maruchan was a sister restaurant of SERYNA ( another Japanese restaurant that is a few meters away ). I always eat at Seryna whether they are business lunches or just dining out with my friends.... so I started to ask myself... Is Maruchan as good as Seryna?

As we entered the door--- I noticed that it was already filled with diners... Most of the tables downstairs were already taken except for the seats by the sushi bar. I recognized one of the waitresses from another neighboring japanese restaurant and she ushered us to a table near the counter.

After browsing over their menu.... we were ready to order....

Iggy had Makinochi Bento Box 450 PHP

Cris ordered Beef Teppanyaki Teishoku   280 PHP

and I ordered my usual CHIRASHI SUSHI KAISEN  350 PHP... if you want a slice of Hamachi in your chirashi you will have to add another 100 PHP. I liked my chirashi sushi although the serving at Maruchan was smaller than that of Seryna... but they had more UNI ( sea urchin ) in their bento box than in Seryna.

Overall---- The food of Maruchan was good... although the portions of Maruchan is smaller than Seryna.  If you are looking for a good japanese restaurant in Makati where all the locals go to .... try out Maruchan.



2282 Chino Roces Avenue
( infront of Makati Cinema Square )
Makati City

tel. nos. ( 632 ) 759 7777


  1. y are the management of this restaurant is so unpredictable and there are times they get mad to their loyal costumer even if they are wrong..

  2. why are the waitress are not well oriented about how the costumers will assisted or treated make sure your staff are well-oriented , and to make your customers will be satisfied to your services.

  3. i love your ramen its delicious.. i love it,,